toketsuhana (toketsuhana) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trainer Red Nendoroid

Hey everyone! Long time no post. I really hope everyone's collections have been coming along well. I haven't been on the community for a while because I recently found out that I'll have the great opportunity to go to Japan this October. As you can imagine, most of my funds have been going towards that. Today I'm back with a little wish. I came to the Nendoroid collecting game a little late, and I'm really sad I missed out on the Trainer Red nendoroid. If anyone has one for sale, in good condition with all of the pieces, I'd be very interested. I may not have the funds until a little later, but I'd love to discuss the details with someone for later. I know this is probably a long shot since he's pretty rare and expensive, but if anyone has any info, I'd love to hear it! Thanks so much and happy collecting!
Tags: pokemon
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