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Mail Day ~ Sylveon Collection = Over 400 !

Today was a huge gets day ! I was excited and anticipating it so I got up early to wait for the mail lady ovo I'm also pleased to announce that with today's gets my Sylveon collection has reached 412 items !! I'm so happy, I've never thought this would be possible ;u;

So anyway enough talk lets get to it !

Ta da ta da ~ Today's gets are a mix of Sylveon and Pikachu, female Pikachu to be exact because I'm starting a mini collection of her c:

The second one looks like its about to tackle Hawlucha and its trying to get out of the way haha.

I also got these single calendar pages, they both have Sylveon hidden in the pictures ~

The big thing in the back is a large desk mat with a bunch of my favorite pokemon on it <3 The back has a world map on it.

This is one of my most exciting gets ! I just love this DVD artwork its so beautiful ;o;

This is pretty neat, its primarily a Pikachu calendar but on the inside

Sylveon pokes its head <3

GOD, its taken me almost 2 years to get this thing, it was almost a mini grail for me. I lost one once on the community for a hella amount of money but lucky me, I got this for only $3 HEH, sometimes it pays to wait.

I got some really neat stickers <3 I've never seen the first one before. It's so sparkly *o*

Sylveon shower cap ! This goes along with a matching towel I already have.

This is some sort of Genesect flier with a Genesect tretta attached to it but you know why I got it.

Flip calendar from 2014 ~

A few things I got for my Fem-Pika collection <3

This is super neat, I got it cause I saw Sylveon on the cover and back, inside it has this pretty picture <3

So lovely !

I got these mechanical pencils I've never seen before ahhhh One is a fairy type one and the other an Eeveelu one !

And last but not least, I got some cookie tins and bento boxes, finally got all this stuff I needed c:

Thank you guys for looking !! I haven't updated my site with all the stuff yet cause I was really excited and just wanted to share right away <3 But feel free to drop by it later on or tomorrow to see detailed photos of everything !

Hope everyone has a good first start of the week <3

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