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Guys! IT'S HERE!!

I went to my PO box today expecting to just pick up my normal mail and I saw this in my box~!!

:D I knew who it was from immediatly and I SQUEEEEED! midnitesilven

My husband tried to vido tape me opening it but i was like NOOOOOOO D: I couldn't even wait to get home I opned it in the car.


LOOOK at that CUTE BABY! It's a custom Dapper Quag-Sire pin! The art is /so/ cute <3

So of corse the first wrapped thing I wanted to open was the little box!! FRA-GI-LE! Must be Itallian.

LOOOOOOk OH my Dear Merlin it's SO CUTE AND LITTLE and I was like ! Suction cup! that's an aweome idea! He'll stand up nicely....

but then I opned the next gift and it was like a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL!

A VAPOREON PITA POKE!! It is SO cute! and.... suction cups.... .....


How perfect is that??! The water one is the bestest ever!!

(Guys now I need the Tympol one! Someone sell me a Tympole)!

I think I'm in love with Pitas.... I thought they were super cute when they came out but avoided them because i knew if i had one I'd want more..... and it's ture! I LOVE them.

And it didn't end there!! Midnitesilven and I are friends on Twitter and Facebook also so she knows that I am into World of Warcraft and Cosplay so she made this super boss cross over art for me!
Murky the Murloc + Quagsire!! =

Love <3 TEEHEEE Hes so cute!!! He even has a Blizzcon badge! I sure hope I'm able to get tickets this year! Maybe.... someday.... I'll cosplay Quagsire, cosplaying Murky?.... cosplapy-ception?

In addition!! I got some cards featuring my fav mons and some delicious japanese kit kats .... all of which I ate immediatly.... some didn't even last untill I got home to take the photos XD

Such an awesome gift! Thank you SO much Midnitesilven
<3 I love everything so much!
And you are a total boss for keeping that all quiet because I total couldn't have hahahaha.

TIME TO INCORPORATE SOME QUAGS into the collection!!

I <3 Blue Mons!!

:D Hang Ten Dudes!!!

Hes so fun!!! I want more pita poke accessoreis and mons now!!!

the pita poke base was a littel big for my collection shelf so I kept him on his surf board and then let Vappy have her home back.

Front and center my little pita surfer quag! (can that be a song like little surfer girl?..... no? ok)

My dapper sire pin is the center of attention as he should be!

I really need a better place to display my collection but this is all the space I reallly have for it at the moment.

Also... I it's been a while since I shifted my collection around and sadly i found that some of the rubbers/plastics/clay reacted with the finish on the shelving ...

:( :( :( this happend a little on some of my kid figures and custom skulpts too... I think I can get it off my figures but it still sucks. I never even thought that could happen, so something to keep in mind when selecting where to display your stuff... I'll have to get some clear plastic mats or something to go over the wood.

Anyway, it wasn't that bad and not nearly enough to dampen the AWESOMENESS that is my SSS gift! Thank you again <3 Another awesome year <3

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On a small side note, unless I messaged you otherwise, all paid for pathtags have been shipped
~ There are still a few left if anyone is still intrested:
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