mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS Package!

Just another SSS get! I did a video As oppose to a photostory :D Though it does have a bit of a story with it haha

Lets start this:

So I was totally on Spring Break when I got the package and it was shipped to my college address. So time to wait till the 30th...

I go to pick it up before class, and I have to sit in class while it eyeballs me.. "OPEN ME OPEN MEEEE"

Natus wittle face...

I tried to sneek a peak and my professor is like "If youre gonna open your goody box, you have to share the cookies with us" xD

I guess I should wait shouldnt I?

After a boring Econ lecture I scrammble back to my dorm, hype to make this opening video...

Open the door, lights off and roommate is asleep. So more waiting.
Finally she wakes up and leaves so lets make this video!!!


Warning she does come back to the room during the video lol

Thank you so much neutralemotions!! I ADORE the time Natu plush hes sooo cute. And Im excited about the tin and having another Time Xatu charm. Thanks so much!!! :D :D

Brothers <3

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