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Sorry to join the Halloween sales bandwagon, but it had to be done!

So, today I got an auction I won from Ebay. It was pretty inexpensive, just some small figures...

AND THE SELLER SENT ALONG A SHINY CHARIZARD FIGURE FOR FREE. *___* I'm offering him up to the community as an auction.

Sales Terms
* Paypal payment ONLY. No eChecks!
* I hold for twenty-four hours for most buyers. If you have not paid in that window of time or communicated when you will be paying, the item goes back up for sale immediately. If we have done business before and I know you're reliable, you have three days.
* Allow at least a week after payment for me to ship. I normally ship within a few days, but occasionally I get bogged down. Please let me know if you want me to rush ship something, as I will gladly do so. :) You can also e-mail me any time at phoenixfreedom[@]yahoo[.]com (minus brackets) if you want to know the status of your item.
* I gladly ship internationally! It will be slightly more expensive, though. Please let me know if you're international when you're checking out.
* No trades at this time unless you have a Vaporeon Pokédoll or 1/1 Pichu brother with scruff on head to trade.
* Please feel free to haggle with my prices!


* Shiny Charizard figure! Extremely rare and beautiful!
BUY IT NOW is $40 bought by pheonixxfoxx! :D

* Hasbro Torchic 10" plush -- Great condition other than tiny scratch on eyeshine. Cuddly! $7
* Banpresto UFO Summer Piplup with Pirate Bag -- Mint condition with all tags. Super cute! $9
* Old UFO Pichu -- Slightly loved, but not too bad at all $5.50
* Candy Keeper Charizard -- Excellent condition! $4

* Hasbro Cyndaquil Plush -- Super rare, soft, and adorable! Mint with all tags. $12
* Change to Pokéball Jigglypuff -- Slightly loved. $3
* Burger King Butterfree Plush -- Perfect condition! $3
* Squirtle Keychain Plush -- Great condition! $2.50
* Large TOMY Jigglypuff Figure -- Has one tiny black mark on her foot, but I'm sure it could be removed with extremely minimal effort. XD $3.50

* Spinning top launcher thing with Raikou (!) and Celebi -- $8.50

* RARE Espeon Pencil Topper. Will only part with it for $25.

TINY ADORABLE DETAILED FIGURES! These guys are official. :D
$1.50 each: Officer Jenny, Professor Oak, Jessie, James, Nurse Joy, Donphan, Ditto ($2), Wigglytuff, Quagsire, Brock, sleeping Slowpoke (aww).

$.75 each: Weepinbell, Chikorita, Weedle, Gengar, Charmeleon ($1), Venonat, Snubbull, Tangela, Gloom, Spinarak, Starmie, Goldeen, Stantler, Hoot-Hoot, Meowth

Burger King Figures!
$1.50 each. Articuno (no longer talks), Nidoqueen keychain, Voltorb spinning top, Gengar (still lights up! $3), Jigglypuff spinning top, Pachirisu, Magnemite spinning top x2, Piplup.

$1 each! Pokéball, Kabuto squirter, Shellder x3, Muk keychain, running Rhyhorn, Hitmonlee keychain.

* Official, rare shiny Squirtle kids from 2004! Only could be obtained through lottery in Japan! $10 (This might be the last time I offer this guy, so snatch him up if you want him!)
* Everything else $1 each: Clefairy kids x2, Machop kids, Machoke kids, Squirtle figure, Arbok TOMY (possibly bootlegged), Snorlax.

* Rayquaza EX -- Mint condition! $6
* Ivy Pikachu Promo x2 -- $1 each
* Team Rocket's Meowth Promo -- $1
* Sealed Celebi Movie Promo -- $4

* Tailless Pikachu Jakks Figure -- Free with purchase upon request!
* Marbles: Wigglytuff, Ponyta, Spearow, Psyduck $0.50 each

* Notebooks! Perfect condition, not used. $3 each

Misc cards/Flipz -- $.25 each or buy all in both pictures for $3.50

I also have some non-Pokémon stuff on Ebay for cheap (Nintendo 64 games, Playstation 2 games, and The Place Promised in Our Early Days anime DVD). I will gladly combine shipping if anyone is interested in buying any of those items!


Let me know if you have any questions regarding anything I have for sale, or my sales terms!

Happy Halloween, everyone!
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