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Double Crisis Gets! And a pricing question?

Howdy doody guys! Long time no chatter!! :D
So I was super psyched about the new lil mini TCG series, Double Crisis! It was like a sweet lil throwback to the old Team Rocket card series. Ah...memories. <3

Anyhoo, here is a list of the goodies I got! I am also looking for some trades too! I'll trade any of the cards I have extras of!

Abreviation Key:
H = Holo
RH = Reverse Holo

Magma - Numel x 1
Magma - Camerupt H x1
Aqua - Spheal x2
Aqua - Sealeo x3 | RH x1
Aqua - Walrein H x1
Aqua - Kyogre EX - NONE
Aqua - Grimer - NONE
Aqua - Muk H x1 | RH x1
Aqua - Seviper x1 | RH x1
Magma - Baltoy x3
Magma - Claydol H x1
Magma - Aron x2
Magma - Lairon x1
Magma - Aggron H x1 | RH x1
Magma - Groudon EX x2
Aqua - Poochyena x3
Magma - Poochyena x2
Aqua - Mightyena - NONE
Magma - Mightyena x3
Aqua - Carvanha x2 | RH x1
Aqua - Sharpedo H x1
Magma - Zangoose x1
Aqua Diffuse x1
Magma Pointer - NONE
Team Aqua Admin - NONE
Team Aqua Grunt x2 | RH x1
Team Aqua's Great Ball x1
Team Aqua's Secret Base - NONE
Team Magma Admin x2
Team Magma Grunt | RH x1
Team Magma's Great ball x2
Team Magma's Secret Base x4 | RH x1
Double Aqua Energy x2
Double Magma Energy x2

I'd like to have the whole set! I'm also looking to trade one of my Team Magma Groudon Ex's for a Team Aqua Ex. (Team Aqua is my jam! It's a shame I got more Magma stuff then I did Aqua. ;;)


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