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Pkmn News Report: The Wobbuffet Incident.

There has been numerous reports of pokemon suffering from burn status, after some investigation, it would seem officer Jenny has found the culprit.

Customers at Wobbuffet's Diner were complaining that his jambalaya was to spicy and as a result gave him bad reviews on a local restruant app, which slowed his business. Fed up with the close mindedness of pokemon, he went out around 10 P.M., March 31st and broke into homes put hotsausce in foods he was sure pokemon would eat the next day. "He was so angry about the group of pokemon that ruined his business so he wanted revenge, he had nothing to lose." Says Loppunny, a hostess working at his restaurant.

A Magikarp uses flamethrower due his water being tainted with the spicy sauce.

An Espurr flitches after taking a mouthfull of his breakfast

In some more extreme cases, grass, bug, and steel types were rushed to the pokemon center as they are weak to fire types.


Wobbuffet is currently in protective custody and has received various fainting threats from anonymous pokemon. He faces charges up to 1,500. If anyone has any more information, please call 1-800-pkmncrime stoppers.

More information about the pikachu infestation at 10.
hehehehehe happy April Fools Day everyone~


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