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My SSS package!!! Careful, image heavy + photostory!

Hello there guys!
It's time for another SSS post from me! I decided to make a small photostory out of it that I hope you will enjoy!


Camellia: Oh my! What's in it! Wanna see! <3
Me: Sure, let's find out!

Camellia: Quick! Quick!
Me: Now now, we have plenty time...

Camellia: There is a note!
Me: I see! Let's see what it says!

Me: OH MY, NO WAY! Wait, Peppermint...

Peppermint: Somebody called me? It has my name on it! ^w^
Camellia: HEY! I am opening presents! >:C
Me: Guys, please don't argue...

Camellia: Look! Sooo many presents! :O
Peppermint: Indeed...
Me: I know right?? So EXCITED!!! Let's open them!!

Camellia: First one!

Camellia: Aww, how unfair...
Peppermint: IT'S ME! MINI-ME!! *happy squee* ^w^
Me: OH MY GOODNESS, SO CUTE!!!! ;______;

Here it is!!! schenzi, for being NEW to sewing, I think you have some MAD SKILLS!!!! This is truly one of the cutest customs I have ever received in life, and I seriously think that you are GREAT at sewing!!! Those adorable ears and eyes, those tiny feet, the floppy wings, the big head, AAAAAAAA, SOOOO CUTE!!!! I seriously cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for him!!!! I think that people will agree with me that you should definitely try to sew more, because I think you have TALENT hun!!! :D <333333

Camellia: Next present... :'(
Peppermint: *all happy adoring the custom*
Me: Aww, cheer up sweetie! Now you can open them all! Maybe there is a friend for you? :)

Camellia: That would be lovely! ^///^ Lookie what was inside!
Peppermint: *happily adoring a custom of him* Mine....
Me: OH MY!!

LOOK AT THIS SUPER ADORABLE PEN WITH KANTO STARTERS!!!! I mentioned myself that I am a fan of stationery and things I can use! This one is definitely going into my pencil case that I bring with me to university!!! How did you know I am a fan of polka dots? This is basically two of my favourite things in one! Polka dots and Pokemon!!!! <333333

Camellia: Next! ^///^

Camellia: The bag is so cute!! Can I keep it??
Me: Sure...wait, what's inside?

Look at this ADORABLE HANAFUDA PIN with the Kanto starters!!! I seriously didn't know pins of these existed (or I am missing information sometimes..) and I remember only there being cards. I wasn't as much interested in the cards, but pin I would have taken immediately!!! Of course, I don't have to now, since I got it as a present!!! Thank you SO SO MUCH hun!!!! ;_____; <33333

Camellia: Next, next!! ^///^
Me: I see you are happy opening them..

Camellia: LOOKIE!! A 4...that's your Bday month!!
Me: Indeed it is!! OOOOH ;_____;

April keychain
OH MY GOOOOOOD! LOOK AT THIS!!! LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE KEYCHAIN!!!!!! This has been on my wants list for a good while that are non-collection. I am a HUGE sucker for things that have to do with zodiac, months and the like. April is my Bday month, and seeing this keychain with the sakura tree made me really want it, but I never got around to get it. Now I got it from Louise, and I seriously can't thank you enough for this super cute keychain, AAAAA THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ;______; <33333

Camellia: Mooore!!!

Camellia: Look! Somebody new in the family!
Me: :O !!!

GRENINJA KID!!!! Another cutie that has been on my wants list for a while, and I never got around to purchase him, and now I got him from Louise! THANK YOU SO MUCH VERY MUCH HUN!!! Look at those adorable froggy hands and feet he has!!! <33333

Camellia: What will it be this time??
Me: ...Camellia, that's...

Camellia: OOOOOH!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Adorable little female Drifloon: H-Hi...*blush* :D
Me: Nice to meet you!! ^__^

Me: See? You got a friend too!
Camellia: YES!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <33333

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE FLUFFY BALLOON!!!! This is seriously the CUTEST CUTEST OFFICIAL DRIFLOON PLUSH EVER MADE and no, not even that pastel colored Canvas can even compare!!!! Just look how happy it is smiling, aaaaaaah, I can't ;__________;
(oh goodness, how many times am I going to say thank you to you Louise, and WE ARE STILL NOT DONE YET, OMG)

Me: What should we name her?
Camellia: *talking to the female Drifloon and didn't listen*
Peppermint: *still adoring the little custom of him*
Me: ...uuh, Camellia?...
(Now schenzi, Drifloon doesn't have a name yet, would you like to give her one? :D)

Me: Ok, I am being ignored...will you help me?
Greninja kid: YES M'LADY!!! :D
Me: Good! Let's open the rest!

Greninja kid: I am on top of the world! ^w^
Me: Yes...yes you are...

Greninja kid: Look at this cup!
Me: I see it!!! Isn't it lovely??? ;_____;

The Pokemikke promo was another promo that I didn't get around getting anything. When this adorable promotion was announced, I thought that every Pokemon that was featured would get a plush in that sock....and to my disappointment, only Pikachu got it. That Charmander in the sock is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and I have been wanting something with him. Well, now I got this SUPER DUPER ADORABLE PLASTIC CUP FROM THE PROMO!!!!! I am thinking about using it either for storing pens and pencils, or cup for brushing teeth, or just use it for drinking during night (as to avoid breaking glass, although it never happened to me)....

Greninja kid: NEXT!

Me: OOOH!! ;____;

THIS SUPER ADORABLE POUCH!!!!!!!! I admit that I do already own it, HOWEVER, doubles of usable things never hurt!!!! This is one of the cutest pouches in existence, and it has SO MANY Pokemon that I LOVE! Three from my main collections (Noibat, Charmander and Honedge) and looooots of other Pokemon that I just love <333333
Since I have a double now, I am definitely going to use it for cosmetics and the like! I am going on a big trip to Malaysia with my dad's cousin and wife, so I am bringing it with me for sure!!!

Me: Open next one!
Greninja kid: ...

OH MY GOOOOOOD, THE GOOMY POUCH!!!!!!!! This one was one of the ones that has been highest on my wants list!!!! The Goomy promotion was one of the cutest I have seen going at the Pokemon Center for a while, and I definitely wanted to have at least one thing!!! Out of all the items, I think this Goomy pouch was the most adorable out of the guys. I personally love grey color when you mix it up with some nice and flashier colors (and I love wearing grey too), and this pouch attracted me the most out of all! Just LOOK AT THAT CUTE ART of Goomy and the other Pokemon!!! Hard to decide on my favourite, but that Goomy munching on Swirlix is to DIE FOR!!!!
Not to mention....THE INSIDE HAS POLKA DOTS AS WELL!!!! My heart is melting from this ;_________;

Me: Next! ^///^
Greninja kid: ... *opens*

Me: AAAAAAAA!! ;/////////////;
Greninja kid: ...

I have mentioned in my SSS entry that I have been lately into these cute cookie tins that you can reuse!!! Those who don't know, I love TEA, just about any kind, black tea, green tea, rooibos, I could go on!!! Since I own a lot of teas, it's always nice to get some extra tins, in which I can store them nicer (because the plastic bags that they are stored in are meh, the odour/nice smell can go away easily...)!
So to the point, this is one of the cutest and most adorable Pokemon tins I have ever seen in my life!!! I LOVE that nature and garden like chess pattern on it, with a bunch of adorable Pokemon added on them! <33333

Greninja kid: ... *opens*

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pikazard Y is one is the cutest Pikachus I have ever seen, but I admit that I didn't get anything from this promotion due to lack of funds and the like. Now I got this PERFECTLY WONDERFULLY ADORABLE Pikazard tin, and the art is just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I personally love the balloon scene, the adorable Pikazards in the background....no wait, I love everything about this tin X'D <3333333333
I should probably once make a small collection update of my tins I use for tea so far! I don't have that many, but they are very lovely to look at!!

Me: Why so silent?...
Greninja kid: None of these things have me on them!! >8(
Me: Don't worry, I have a present for you too!

Me: Oh my goodness, look what was inside!
Greninja kid: *is looking at a familiar flat item*

Greninja kid: IT'S ME TOO! :D
I always enjoy some extra flats!!!! I in fact didn't have any of these, so it's always nice to get more, thank youuuuu!!! <3333
I still didn't get the Aegislash and Greninja Trozei stickers (got them through another person, but it will take a while for it to arrive to me, so that's that), so this guy was a nice surprise!!!

Oh goodness, I hope you people forgive me all my spazz and caps lock....you seriously can't even imagine how incredibly HAPPY and EXCITED this package makes me.....I seriously wanted to do something special about it, so I made this photostory (which I am working on for more than 6 hours from now, but SO WORTH IT!) that I hope you enjoyed.
I seriously didn't expect to get THIS MUCH. I seriously don't deserve this much wonderful merchandise from you Louise, and I seriously cannot thank you ENOUGH for this wonderful box of goodies......you absolutely went FAR AND BEYOND for me, it makes me cry from happiness, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!! ;_________; <33333333333333333
Thank you also for the sweets! I LOVE Lindt, but it's so expensive over here, so I am so super happy to get some!! <3
(This is an SSS package, but heck yeah, I want to do something for you too! <3333)


Me: Now lastly, I promised you a present, no? :)
Greninja kid: ...not the sticker?
Me: Nooo...

Greninja kid: !?!?!

Greninja kid: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *happy squee*

Looks like Greninja fit right in with the rest of his family and his happy at last! :D <3333

That is all from me, thank you so much for looking guys! <3333
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  • FFAF - 15 Oct 2021

    IT'S FRI-YAYYYY! Time to have some fun discussion about ANYTHING under the sun! (: Of course, all appropriate community rules still…

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