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Overdue Gets Post! So many Grails!!

Oh wow it has been a long time since I have made a gets post @-@ I have a few months worth of stuff that I have to show you guys, including some grails of mine! :D

Here's a preview~

Lots of pictures ahead!

So many new pokedolls! I still can't believe I was able to get a Magikarp pokedoll @_@ He was my #1 want for the longest! Along with Lickilicky, he was my next wanted pokedoll! I found Mismagius on Y!J for super cheap so I couldn't resist >< I had a Bidoof but traded him shortly after for this awesome shadow lugia :D I will be on the look out for another Bidoof pokedoll because his chubbiness is too much to resist.

And PakiPaki Mewtwo plush! I saw him on Y!J and had to nab him up! He even came in the original packaging ^^ I safely slipped his feet out of the wire loops so I could put him on my shelf. I never realized just how posable he is though! :O Way more poseable than the newer version, but still love them both <3

Aslo, customs! :D A derpy Entei from bubblerhapsody which I love to pieces! He is just how I imagined a derpy version of him would look ^^ And an amigurumi Fearow! Made by AnyaZoe on etsy, she told me he is OOAK so I'm so glad I grabbed him up! It's so hard to find Fearow merch @-@

A pic of my Mewtwo/Entei collection :D Plus a few misc side collections and plush <3

Closeup of all my Mewtwos~

I got a few small things to update my Scraggy and Chespin collection, mostly charms and such ^^

It's hard to see, but I got the cutest little Scraggy charm! He's in a little stocking ^^
Also, my 2015 Pathtag arrived! It's my first year on the community plus the art was too cute to pass up!

Lots of teenie things! I never knew about the Chespin Petit stuff until I found the tin recently @_@ it is too cute! I need it all!

Sleepy Starters!! Thank you so much areica96 for doing the doing the claims for these! They are too precious and fit perfectly on my gaming shelf ;3; (forgot to take a pic ><)

OH MY GOD LOOK AT HIM!! This is the grail of all grails for me ;^; I couldn't believe it when I won him on Y!J :D I saw him at a low bid and took a chance to bid on him before I went to bed. When I woke up the next day I was pleased to see an email from FromJapan saying I won the auction! *-* He is so big and soft, like a huge version of his Pokecen plush.

He fits so perfectly in big Scraggy's pants XD His pants are so roomy, you could hide all sorts of stuff in there haha
I couldn't believe that I got my two top grails in a span of 2 or so months from each other @-@ I couldn't be happier!

Here is an updated pic of my Pokedoll collection C:

A lot of my lesser favorites are buried in the bottom >>' but I love how well they all stacked up in the net! ^^ still room for more too ;p

And to make this post a little more interesting, here is a pic of my Greninja plush riding on a giant lizard XD

Thanks for reading!! :D
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