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Gets + Grail Get!

Hey babes! <3
Today I picked up a few things, well 2 things, from the post office and I would like to share them with you! I am so excited because this is my very first gets post hehehe yay. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole LJ cut/post/everything, though, so please let me know if I make any mistakes.

So what did I get?!
Here's a little hint! ;)

Get #1 on the way home with me! Get #2 was in the backseat. I didn't feel like moving it and I didn't wanna take too many pictures lol.

Unboxing Get #1! Eevee wanted to take a look, but Pikachu was a little too excited & pushed him aside.
I have a feeling this is a Pikachu-y get. :)

OMG! It's a Pikachu notebook from the "Pokemon Love Its Demo" campaign! LET'S OPEN IT!

I know this notebook isn't a big deal, but I love it so much~ too cute and the glittery cover was a sweet surprise! And those pages are ADORABLE! I'm not sure if I want to use it or keep it in minty clean condition hehe. I seriously cannot make up my mind. I'm sure we've all felt this struggle!

Now I have something else to show you.. Get #2!
A handmade Ditto plushie! I found him on Etsy and I just had to have him. Here he is with another handmade plushie, Mew! Shoutout to all the super talented plush artists out there! <3

APRIL FOOLS LOL. I ain't received no grail!
But, my grail is the Skitty DX plush! Let me know if you have this cutie for sale, or maybe keep an eye out for me? I'd appreciate it so so so much. :)

Thanks for looking!
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