hazel_song (hazel_song) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Last Question About Merch...

... At least until I think of something important to actually post. X)
Okay, well, this is somewhat of a wants post (price permitting).
I was looking up cards and I came across this:

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On eBay it was well over $50... Granted I'd never seen the Icy Snow verison of the card before, but I still think that price is astronomically high. Does anyone have one for a heck-o-alot cheaper or is it really just that hard to get? (It was only released in Russia, I heard. Do we have anyone on the comminity from/near/who visited there and has an extra? :3)
... If it's holo that'd be even better! :D

Also, does anyone have the other Vivillon pattern cards in holo (or even regular) for not that expensive? :3 (I don't need Meadow or High Plains. XD)

Thanks for reading! <3

Tags: tcg, wants

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