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Re-Intro, PAA & SURPRISE!!! SSS get - No Fooling!!

Yay, it's been so long since I've actually made a post on here, so I apologize for being a lurker and occasional buyer on here for the past few months! I am hoping to make a well-deserved collection post in the next couple of weeks [once I find time to reorganize my space] and offer some items to the community while weeding out my own collection. Maybe I'll get back into making some commissions too? Who knows?

But first thing's first... To everyone on here that doesn't remember me and to all the new collectors that have joined recently, my name is Dana [though I am known online as Juuchan; call me by either one - I don't mind!] and ever since I've joined this community back in June 2011, I've focused on collecting the Lake Trio [mainly Mesprit, my favorite Pokemon], Tepig [best fire starter!] and a handful of human characters, though as of the past couple of years, I've also begun having side-collections for Eeveelutions [mainly Glaceon, but I have a few items for Eevee and Sylveon], a few Fairy-type Pokemon [mainly Dedenne, Sylveon [again] and Diancie], Swablu/Altaria [I am still waiting for an official plush for Swablu ] the Hoenn Frontier Brains [probably my favorite group of human characters in Pokemon; I want to collect items for all of them, but my main faves are Tucker and Brandon] and clearfiles [I mainly collect ones with my fave characters/Pokemon on them, but I like some for the art style or the promotion].

I am interested in possibly purchasing some new items, so here's my Wants List [though I'll be updating it real soon for... obvious reasons, as seen below!].

Also, good luck to anyone that entered the "Pokemon Art Academy Art Competition", which ended on Sunday! Here's my piece for the "My Favorite Pokemon" contest, which is obviously Mesprit!

If anyone else entered the contest [either the "Cosplay Pikachu" or "My Favorite Pokemon" one], I'm curious to see what you drew... or if you have PAA, show me your best or favorite piece of work!


The real reason for this post is obvious... my Spring Secret Swap gift arrived on April 1st [as of posting this, that was yesterday; I started typing this up on the 1st]! It was a complete surprise for me, but I knew just by looking at the box that this wasn't any prank - it was real... and traveled all the way from Germany too!

[Many apologies on the lighting and the possible blurring in the pictures; I took these on my cell phone while I was away from home and while I was outside too, if only because I just couldn't wait to open it! Also, this is very image-heavy and quite long... but the end results are worth every picture!]

Oh gosh, the box... Aaaa, it's so cute, these drawings are so adorable! I squeed when I saw this, because that's when I realized this was my SSS gift! [Why yes, I'll definitely find a place for these in my collection! I can't say no to cute.]

"Enjoy the gifts" - Oh, I'm sure that I will!

Okay, time to open this baby up... So much tape... At least it's well protected!

OH GOSH....! Look at that art!

Have a close-up!
EEEEE~ I love the style! It's almost something official-like, like something that belongs on PC merch! Heck, I'd totally buy it. <3

And... there's more underneath too! Lots of wrapped gifts! Ooh, so excite, so excite...!

But first, this gorgeous card...! I was a good girl and saved the last note for last! ^__^

Waaaa, such a beautiful note! I love the sketches and WOW, I got someone to like the cute fire piggy too? Awesome!
Also, if you couldn't tell, my Secret Swapper gift was from j_ule! I definitely hope to show you all of my Tepigs and lake pixies soon, as well as talk more with you too! I'm glad you had such a fun time putting this all together!

Okay, now which gift do I start with first...? [Obviously not the one that says "Open Last", right?]

Let's start here, with this pretty PC bag! I wonder what's inside...?

Oh... Oh WOW...!

It's a Japanese Tepig pokedoll! And it's got its tag protected too!
Oh gosh.. It's so much cuter in person...! That little bow, that cute face... Aaaaa, it's so soft and huggable! I love it! I'm not sure what to name her yet, but I'm leaning towards "Gigi" [bonus points to anyone who gets the reference! It's a Pokemon manga one - hint hint!]. I

Next gift - a small-sized one... Almost... card-sized too...

It IS cards! I actually don't have any of these from one of the World Championship decks, so this is awesome!

There's even a German Pikachu and Eevee too [that is German, right? Just making sure!]! Honestly, these are my first non-Japanese/Korean/English cards to date... and they won't be the last either! [hinting at a new get post soon? Yes.]

But wait, there's something else.... Stickers!

And another something... a smaller package?

WHOOOOOOOA... Is that... what I think it is...? It is!

2008 charms! It's of Azelf and Uxie... but that's okay! I just can't believe that I'm even holding these! And they're mint with the tag too!
[They look exactly like the newer Dex charms with the poses, but I know that these came first! I'm not sure what the Japanese says underneath the PC logo on the tags, but the silhouettes make this seem focused on certain Pokemon... Does anyone have any info on these and/or are willing to translate the Japanese on the tag? I'd greatly appreciate it!]

But wait... there's still two more gifts to go!

So many little packages inside of another PokeCen bag... Let's open them all... except this big one with the note - that one is last for this bag!

Kids... and one that I had been looking for too [that Attack Uxie]! There's even a couple of retsuden stamps [both of Uxie] and an Azelf figure [from bath salts, I think? I have a Mesprit one too, but I don't know much about these...] too. The Swablu is a double, but that gives me an excuse to paint my other one shiny!

But oh gosh, this little bitty sleepy Tepig...! OH GOSH, SUCH CUTE, SO DAWWW.... *brb dying of cute* It's so tiny and cute... Aaaa, I can't... but I love it!

But there is still this big, wrapped-up gift... I wonder what's inside?


Oh gosh, SO much cotton...! It's like a cloud! A big, protective cloud...!

And wrapped inside the cotton cloud... is another little package...

L-look at it... It was a sleepy, little cottonbird all along in that cotton cloud!

D'AWWW, SO CUTE from every single angle! I'm drowning in all of this cute, OH MY ARCEUS....

And thanks to the note that came with this one, it goes with the baby Tepig! The drawing is just... precious! Aaaah, too cute!

I think I got it on the first try... What do you think?

Okay, finally, the last gift... It's a heart-shaped box... and it's taped up tight. I wonder what's been waiting in here?

...MORE COTTON! Hooray - best gift!

But what's that inside all of that fluff...?

*omgomgomg, there is so much squeeing of cute right now*

Aaah, just look at it - It's a sleeping Mesprit! I just love it, oh my gosh... lookatthatface, omg ;___; I think I was so happy when I saw it, I cried tears of joy. This is just way too cute. [The word for this post is "cute", can't you tell?]

And the last note - it was an explanation of all of the gifts! [I'll get a clearer picture of these up real soon, as well as a group shot of everything!]

I'm just... oh wow, I'm honestly blushing and feeling completely spoiled with all of these customs and lovely gifts! These were so adorable, cute and just thoughtful... I can't say thank you enough, j_ule! Thanks for making my April 1st a really special one!


Thanks so much for reading all the way through - I'm so sorry it got so long, but this was something that needed to be shared! My Secret Swap gift should be sent out in the next day or two, so I hope they receive it soon!

Until next time!
- Dana/Juuchan
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