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Sales Update for Reduced Prices

Hello, comrades. I am selling these stuffs for reduced price because I have a want popping up and ending in a couple of days. The items are still up for best offers, which means you can cut the prices even lower if no one else want them. lol Please take chance to nab some good cards from me. Good luck! =)

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Ship from Philadelphia, PA

All cards are near mint or better, which means no stain/wear/dent/bent on the first look. Small imperfections can only be observed by close-up inspection. However, a majority of the cards are in mint condition without any imperfections.

The post is Ctrl + F friendly. Shipped price is inside the US only (edit: the price doesn't include fees so either gift or cover fees, thank you!). International buyers please ask me for the quote before committing. Thank you!

Scyther, Articuno - $25 shipped
M Latios, Blastoise, Rayquaza - $10 shipped
Starmie x2 - $6 shipped for one or $10 for both

Played Groudon & Kyogre deck box PLUS 100 XY-on English c/uc cards BONUS 10 BW-on Japanese u/uc cards
for ONLY $15 shipped

$15 shipped for this EX trio

Thank you for reading!
Tags: articuno, blastoise, gardevoir, groudon, hawlucha, kyogre, latios, rayquaza, scyther, starmie

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