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New and Improved sales with customs

Hello, everyone! I have some new and improved sales today! Since I am one of the people behind Hipster Chicken (as seen on Etsy), I am selling a ton of new keychains, compact mirros, and even some phone cases! I also have some other items thrown in. Check them out, or something.

Sales Info:
- Granted sales permission by lineaalba in 2009
- My Feedback
- Payment is via PayPal
- All prices are in USD
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- I will hold up to 24 hours for a committed buyer
- I don't do PM sales
- I'm willing to haggle
- Not interested in trades at the moment

Shipping Info:
- I ship from the US worldwide
- Excluding things shipped in envelopes, everything will be shipped with tracking! This includes shipping overseas
- Shipping starts at $2.50 for US shipping and $6.50 for overseas shipping
- I am not responsible for any packages once they leave my hands, proof of shipment will be provided if necessary

Espeon, Pumpkaboo, & Male Meowstic Compact mirrors - $15 each

Fennekin iPhone 5c case - $14



(Froakie doesn't have a picture of the back, but you should get the idea)
Keychains (watermark not on final product) - $7


For whatever reason (printed backwards, printing errors, chips) these are rejects. Metal rings will be added before they ship - $4 each

Pikachu & Pichu 3rd Movie short popup book - $17

Pokemon Y - $27
Alpha Sapphire - $30
(or both for $52)
White 2 (US version) - $17

Samurott Banpresto keychain - $7

Japanese PokeCen plush - $40
Banpresto plush - $10
DX Banpresto plush - $30
OR all 3 for $75

Mega Blaziken Tretta - $2
Sold: Metagross Tretta

Large chrome Topps cards - $2 each
no title
Red VS Green/Blue card sleeves - $1 each (24 are available)
Mudkip Pokemon Time bookmark - $3
Pichu and friends notebook - $7
Goods to Aid your Adventure clear file - $10
Creation Trio notebook - $9
Mystery Dungeon notebook - $5
Squirtle/Jigglypuff eraser - $2
Mudkip Pokepark mechanical pencil - $5
Various Keshipoke - $2
Giratina & Shaymin pullback toys - $3 each
Beartic, Golurk, Pansage, Stunfisk Pepsi straps - $3 each
Gigalith, Samurott, Braviary dot sprite charms - $5 each
Mega Gyarados, Abomasnow, Scizor pin badges - $3 each
Sinnoh starter pin badge - $2
Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Charizard Y wall badges - $3 each

Design #1 (Pokeballs) x1 x2
Design #2 (Electric rodents) x1 x2
Design #3 (Red background) x1 x2
Picture frames - $4 each

B/W Japanese handkerchief - $10

I also added some of my Yu-Gi-Oh phone cases to my other sales if you are into children's card games.

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