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Multipost! Grail get, rare houndoom magnet auction&sales, a want & figure identification help!

Hello comm! Long time no post! But now I have so good internet connection (xD) so I wanna post a lot of things now! :3
First, I got a grail get from YahooJapan today in the mail (OMG its so cute!) Do you know who it is?
(it just looks so creepy on this pic haha xD)

Look under the cut for my zombie-pokemon! :P

TADAAAA! Its the big deluxe heracross tomy figure! New with tag! I used protective packaging on Buyee cause I thought it would be good when they ship them in a bubblemailer or at least with a bit bubblewrapping...But then there comes such a big package with hundred of bubblestuff for only one figure XDDD And the red tape on the package says "FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE". (so like the figure was made of glass xD). But - of course I´m happy it arrived safely :)

His head is also moveable!

...and his "ears" are so cute xD

The cutest heracross ever! *_* I really love him <333

Next the figure I got I don´t know what it is:

This guy I also got from YahooJapan! Its very cute and it looks official but I never seen this figure before...Do you know what figure it is?

Next to my want: I need a Dedenne pokedoll. New with tag please. Can anyone help me out? :333
(Shipping is to germany and I don´t wanna pay more than 15$ incl. shipping if possible).
And last but not least, onto the sales!
I have this rare houndoom magnet (its official - I have a raichu one and it has a nintendo stamp on the back).
It is new&sealed! I know that many like canine-like pokemon so I give it up for auction!

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- I ship from germany worldwide!
- I accept PayPal only
- Shipping is without insurance and on your own risk. Please tell me if you want insurance and tracking
- All prices are in USD
- Shipping costs are for flats: 1-2$ and for non-flats: 4,50$ (worldwide)
- If youre committed to an item you have to buy it - please no backing out from a sale! Please make sure if you just ask for a quote. Who committed first to an item will get them.
- Minimum purchase is 2$
- No haggling please
- Trades? Yes! For everything on my wantslist or maybe I´m interested in others.
For auctions:
- no sniping allowed please!

- Apple candy tin (features Pikachu,Pichu&Phanpy): 7$ (4,50$ shipping)
- Raichu PokeBox Pin: 7$
- Every figure in this pic is 3$ (shipping 4,50$)
- Bug pkmn flats: 7$ for all or 1$ each

Everything here is 0,50$ (shipping 1-2$)

Everything here is 0,50$ (shipping 1-2$)
A official houndoom magnet! I don´t know where it comes from, I never seen those magnets before.
But they have a Pokemon Nintendo stamp on the backside. This one here is new&sealed!
This auction will end in 3 days on Tuesday, april 7 at midnight (middle-european time).

So thats all for now! I`m really tired and I wanna ship my SSS-package tomorrow in the morning! (I had much trouble with my gifts so it takes me so long to get them all together)! @_@
---> Please tell me if I forgot anything in the rules or something and I will change it. Thank you!
Tags: auctions, beedrill, dedenne, heracross, hitmonlee, houndoom, ledyba, phanpy, raichu, sales, wants

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