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Happy Little Gets ^-^

So, I was napping in the back of my house when my parents let me know that my package from dezi_kitsune had arrived (after being delayed at the post office for four days T.T)!
Besides me, poor Genesect couldn't contain his excitement!

After probably THE SINGLE most anxious opening of my life, here they are-

*squeals of happiness* ^-^
Red: I'm not a rare shiny...
Me: Oh hush!

They're SOOO cool!
Sapphire was my first game, so these ones have special places in my heart. Taillow especially is my favorite. I almost bought one off of Yahoo Japan, but after shipping would have been $35 X.X
So, now I finally have one, almost a year later!

Close-up time!

Taillow! :>
Considering naming him after a Maester from Game of Thrones... because messenger birds. Possibly Pycelle? ^^'

Roselia came next!
I LOVE roses, and back in my Yu-gi-oh days, used black rose dragon, so this was a must have.

Dustox too!
This was the first shiny I ever saw in the anime, and I hadn't even realized it until a year ago! ^^'

Last but not least, Cacnea!
He looks like a pumpkin...

That's about it for now, I just wanted to share these guys!
Thanks for reading!
Have a good weekend everybody :)
Tags: bandai, cacnea, dustox, figures, gets, roselia, taillow

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