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Laleigh Alexandrea

I'd Like To Introduce You To My Friends...

So I haven't been a member very long but I am having a great time so far! So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to your guide for today, Shooting Star,

He is a bootie but don't let that fool you of his knowledge of plushies that reside with me... He loved pokepuffs and hugs and hanging out with the cool kids (my non-pokemon plush).
So shall we begin?

First we look at the figure shelf. NO TOUCHING! :D

These are some of her favorite figures. She is constantly looking to fill it up, especially with new Jirachi and Mawile figures but mini gashapons are also welcome (looking to add Goomy's here! as well as at least one Pikazard). Let's move along...

The tour of the plush starts here. This shelf contains the following: Mega Lucario Pokemon Center (Legit), Mew Play by Play (Legit), Custom Mew (by Shelby-Lynne Cooper), Jirachi (Bootie? No Tush Tag), Jirachi McDonalds Toy (Japan Release), Mawile Custom (by Sarah Hodzic), Whimsicott Custom (by Sarah Hodzic), Mawile Pokemon Time (Legit), Eevee Play by Play (Legit), Butterfree Play by Play (Legit), Tomy/Auldey DX Eevee figure. These all are special to her in each of their own ways. Some of these she searched forver for and some are rarer to find.
If you look up you will see...

Tyrunt Tomy (Legit), Jakks Shaymin (Legit), Jakks Tepig (Legit), Jakks Shellos (Legit), Banpresto Meloetta Aria Forme (Legit), Jakks Mesprit(Legit), Jakks Uxie (Legit). These are smaller plush she wanted to put somewhere so she put them up there.
Step this way, avoid her clutter. I keep telling her to clean up but she doesn't listen....

Ah the Pokedoll tower. This was found at a goodwill and she decided to put all her beloved pokedolls in here. So I will break this down by level. Level One...

This one contains the following. Fennekin (Legit, Japan), Celebi (Legit), Cottonee (Legit), Meloetta (Legit), Emolga (Legit, Japan).
Level Two...

Are all bootleg. Eevee, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Flareon
Now to Level Three...

Eevee (Legit), Jirachi (Legit), Jolteon (Bootie), Mew (Bootie), Shadow Lugia (Bootie), Vaporeon (Bootie)
Ok so now if you look up you will see the Hammock. This is mostly for the rest of my brothers and sisters of the Vee Clan, although there are a few others hanging out with us right now...

This is where the following like to hang out Jakks Glaceon (Legit), Hasbro Eevee (Legit), Sylveon (bootie), Eevee (bootie) Tomy Eevee (Legit), Applause KFC Vulpix (Legit), I <3 Eevee Mascot Espeon (Legit), Leafeon (Bootie), Dragonite (bootie), Dragonair (bootie), Applause KFC Dratini (Legit), Umbreon (bootie), I <3 Eevee Umbreon (Legit), I <3 Eevee Jolteon (Legit), Korotto Manmaru Banpresto Vaporeon (Legit)
Now if you look down...

The Pika Brothers are temporarily hanging out until she sends them to their new homes. 2 Toy Factory Pikachus (Legit), Hasbro Pichu (Legit)
Now one last stop...

It's the Ralts clan. Pokemon Center Kirlia (Legit), Ralts Custom (made by Nan Zhou), Gardevoir Custom (Made by Sarah Hodzic), My Pokemon Collection Gardevoir(Legit), My Pokemon Collection Gallade (Legit), Pokemon Center Ralts (Legit). They are lots of fun and full of love. Well for today that's all I can show you so I'll let her do the talking now...

So that's everything :D if you have any of the following pokemon plush or figures for sale let me know.

Squirtle line
Chimchar line
Phanpy line
Cyndaquil line
Goomy line
Eevee line
Ralts line
Mawile line
Mew line
Azelf plush (prefer the Jakks one to match my other two)
Vulpix Line
Cottonee line
Torchic Line
Mudkip Line
Riolu line
Fennekin line

Check out my journal for my official wants list and collection updates. Buh bye for now!!!!

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