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A few finds and gets!

Hello all! I just made my intro post yesterday, but I already got a few more things in the mail, and I also did some digging and found a few old Pokemon things!

I also got my first purchase from Sunnyshore Pokemart!

I also apologize if I tend to ramble on about stuff, I just love talking about my Pokemon!

Okay so I guess first I'll go with the stuff I found. I had a ton of old Pokemon plushes when I was younger, but I remember selling a whole lot of them, along with a bunch old VHS tapes (I regret selling them now). But I did keep some of my favorites, I just cannot remember which ones. So yes I dug around in these like...side closet areas that are kind of like attics that I'm usually really scared to go in because of the lingering fear that Palmetto bugs will find me.
So after a lot of digging, I found these guys!

(Sorry I'm not good with all the different brand names and whatnot yet)
-An old Charmander that I found at a thrift store a long time ago! I thought he was a lttle scary looking before but he is actually pretty cute!
-Ivysaur plush that was in the WAY back of the side closet place. He's a little dirty but I wiped off a lot of the dirt
-Azurill plush
-Weedle...finger puppet? I actually got this for Christmas pretty recently but forgot about it. My sister loves Weedle and said if she were to collect any Pokemon, it would probably be Weedle, so I might shop around here to look for Weedle related items XD
-Rattata TOMY figure. He atually scares me a little bit because I am 90% sure the kid who owned this had died and then his mother sold me his Rattata.

I'm looking for my old Minun plush, Raichu plush, and Bulbasaur plush that I got in a UFO machine from Walmart (yes walmart had a UFO claw machine...and it always had such amazing prizes. Idk why they ever got rid of it) but those could be in the shed.

Side story: The side closet/attic thing I found these and my siblings used to go in there all the time and crawl through this small hole and made a hangout. We always brought blankets and toys in there, too. When I was reaching for the Ivysaur, I peeked through the hole and saw there were STILL old towels/blankets on the floor from over 10 years ago. Kinda gross but now I am wondering if there was anything else we left in there. That is for another day though because I am still terrified that Palmetto bugs will come after me in there lol.

Moving on ...

Here are my new gets!

"Catch Oshawott!" book with headphones!
I saw this at Epcott a few years ago, but I didn't buy it then. My parents announced this past week that they were going to go to Epcot, just my mom and dad, so I asked if they could pick this up for me!

Just look at those cute little ear buds!

I was really upset that I missed the Spring Swap, I love gift exchanges! But as it would turn out, my Redditgifts package arrived and just look at what my "secret santa" got me!

Small figures of Dedenne, Oshawott, and Eevee, as well as a talking Sylveon figure!
The talking figure is soooo cute! It makes these cute cat-sounding noises sometimes!

I also got these really cute cards...

These are the cutest cards I have ever seen!! These were in a local store that buys and resells stuff. There was also a big Christmas Pikachu plush, but an employee there had already called dibs. But anyways, I was after the Emolga card (I've started collecting Emolga stuff because of my tumblr url), but then I saw Pikachu and just had to buy both!

Last but not most favorite of all!

AAAHHHHH little freshman business Pikachu is here!
He's so cute! He was my first purchase from Sunnyshore Pokemart!
I swear these monthly Pikachus are going to be the death of me...and my wallet.
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