bulbybulbasaur (bulbybulbasaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

walky. playables. bulba. gloom. trade question.

Hello all!

Seeking stuff yet again.

Ready to buy any Walky Plush besides Bulbasaur, and honestly I may even buy that one again. So cute! I'm looking to spend around $35. If yours are priced higher I'm still interested. Especially for future references. (I seen a sales post the other day and can't find it that had an Eevee, know anything?)

Still seeking any Playables/battle set plushes I dont have.

As always, the Bulbasaur and Oddish line as well. Anything I dont have I'll probably purchase.

And lastly, trades! I read that you need 10 positive feedback. Is that all? Is permission required? I didnt recall seeing that anywhere so I apologize in advanced if its somewhere obvious XD

And how exactly do they work? You just send it to each other and thats it? Or is there other steps needed through the community?

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