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Topps Super-premium trading cards

Hello! I'm still the crazy one who's cataloguing Topps Pokemon cards. :)

Topps cards series 1 is driving me crazier. How many different variations could they possibly have done?

This is what I already know exists, so the new old cards I found are not any of these:
Series 1 blue logo oval seal - parallel set: chromatic or metallic or full chromatic smooth foils.
Series 1 black logo oval seal - parallel set: chromatic or metallic rays foils for pkms and sandpaper foils for characters.
Series 1 green logo oval seal - parallel set: metallic flames foils for pkms and spots foils for characters.
Series 1 red logo oval seal - parallel set: metallic spotlights foils for pkms and dents for characters.
Series 1 blue logo round seal - parallel set: metallic smooth foils.
Series 1 chrome - parallel set: spectra, sparkle and tekno parallels.

From ebay I found a picture of this:

A month later I found many cards like this:

and now I found this leaflet:

So I councluded this cards maybe are from this Topps Super-premium trading cards series, which is another variation of series 1.

This was not released in my country, so I have no knowledge of it whatsoever.

If anyone is familiar with both the strange cards I found on ebay and the series in the leaflet, I have some questions (if you know anything tell me even if the post is five years old):

1) Do the cards belong to the series in the leaflet?

2) What cards are super-premium, full-color and uv-coated? I need to associate the picture with the name.

3) Which are the parallel cards, and which are the regular cards among the types listed in the leaflet?

4) Since there are 3 types of cards and I only have pictures of two types, I am missing the picture of one of the types.

If I gather enough information I will add this in the next version of the software, which I discovered there's actually a couple of people using beyond me XD.


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