Stella (giratina) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some gets! Plus a question.

Hello everyone! I've gotten quite a lot of stuff since I last posted. Everything will be under the cut! May be kinda picture-heavy, though. Hope I got this cut thing right this time

I got a package today in the mail. I was quite excited for it!

My package from white_chocobo arrived today!

He's really cool :D

Finally got them both! Now all I need is the other alternate forme zukan and my set is complete.

Next, a package from meeka_meerkat had arrived a few weeks ago!

Now my whole Deoxys line is complete <3

Got a cute Victini from eBay.

I had gone to Toys R Us with a friend last week and picked up two 4 pack boxes. I gave the Gengar to my friend, though. I also bought the two Keldeo from eBay and they came on Friday :> Bonus Bowser amiibo

I also recently found out that this Reshiram is actually a zukan? I never knew that. I bought it for $4 on aliexpress.

LASTLY for my question!
What figure is this from? There are no labels on it. The one arm does some kind of claw attack, the mouth freely moves, and the body can twist. The claw attack arm is kinda broken, though.

I also have a few figures on the way! I managed to clear out a small chunk of my legendary wants list (which can be found here!) All pictures below this point ARE NOT MINE
manaphy spinner

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf zukan

All 8 of these guys as well!

Regigigas Tomy
Ho-oh DX Tomy

Bandai buildable Moltres (from koujakai)
Tomy mega Swampert. (Funny story, I accidentally won this auction on eBay. I forgot I put a bid on it, and got an email from eBay stating that I won it.)
I might be getting the Tomy mega Sceptile if I can win the auction over on eBay!

And that is all ;w; I found that DX Tomy Arceus that I wanted for a very cheap price, so I may be getting that one as well! As soon as I get enough in my PayPal gjhjkfdjjfd

I AM SO EXITED. I would like to thank this community for being very helpful in helping me find some figures on my wants list from the last time I posted! You are all very sweet and I really do appreciate it <3

Fuck yeah by Xvu
Art is mine :>
Tags: diancie, giratina, groudon, ho-oh, keldeo, moltres, regigigas, reshiram, victini

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