trainer_rachel (trainer_rachel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Calling collectors in japan: I need your help!

EDIT: the awesome cottonbell provided me a link to a site that has it! :) Here it is for anyone who's interested in getting one too:
Please disregard this post!

Hey all! So I am on the lookout for this pencil board available at Pokemon Center stores:

I want it because it has Mega Pidgeot on it, and it looks so awesome! :)

Problem is, it's apparently limited edition and already going out of stock at some stores.

Is there anyone here in Japan that can check their Pokemon Center for this pencil board? I would be willing to cover all the costs and tip you some extra money for your help!

Please keep me posted! I'm hoping I can get a hold of this somewhere before it sells out. :)

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