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SSS + Gets for a Month

What an awesome day to get my SSS! It's my day off of course. Apparently the postal lady just put the mailer on the porch and didn't ring the bell... typical. Mom brought it in to me when she got home from work. I was in the middle of finishing up cleaning my mice and immediately had to stop to open it. I actually didn't know it was my SSS at first. I was like, "I didn't order anything from that state...  that name looks familiar..."


Srsly though...

As soon as I ripped open the plastic I saw the snout of Suicune and knew it was my SSS package. I quickly shut it back up and ran to get my camera(phone). I sort of recognized the art style, and once I opened the little folded paper it hit me. tdotakichan!

Sparkly Mightyena Kid and Glaceon Palace figure! I squeed at the Glaceon. I spoiled it by reading the paper first, then ripped the plastic bubble wrap open to get it out all happy like.

The little doodles on the paper.

Aaaand finally! The cute print of Suicune. It got a little bent on the corner which is a little upsetting. Even with a cardboard safety backing. I'm going to buy a nice frame for it to display it on the wall. =3

Thank you so much tdotakichan! This was my first SSS and I really enjoyed it. I really love gifting people as it makes me feel good, so this was a great way to fulfill that.

Not too many gets as I've been holding off waiting for the SSS to be over. I didn't want to buy anything my SSS partner might have bought me.

Goomy Zukan! Ahgahd... Goomy is sooooo tiny. Smaller than the tip of my pinky!

Matte Houndoom with Dusk Ball... that I can't find. I seem to have misplaced it/it became a cat toy for Mortichai while he recovered in my room.

Matte Eeveelus! These finish off my Tomy Eeveelus. Well.. technically I'm missing the non-matte of these, but I now have one of every Tomy Eeveelus.

Just got this last week. I'm super happy I found this on Ebay! It's the Goomy candy figure! They even sent a pack of those stickers with for free! The candy that came with it was delicious. I'll have to buy more of them for the candies.

I really have to update my collection pictures now. I'm really behind on that. I also really have to get back to work on my collections site. I've been so busy.

Quick and short, have to get to bed. =3

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