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Holy grail get!! *squeeeeeaaal!!*

Hello guys!! I'm in a bit of a flap xD My holy grail of all things Pokédoll arrived today!! I can't beleive he's here <3 And it really doesn't seem two minutes ago since I posted my last wants post to try and find him, international mail seems so quick these days! ='D

So who is he? Where is he!? And -why- am I still twittering on and not showing you any pics of the lil guy!?!

Lets fix that shall we with a cut...?

*deep breaths* ...My lil evil overlord! <3 Shadow Lugia! I've wanted this cuddly ball of hatred and fury since I first lay my eyes on the Pokemon XD preorder bonus Pokedoll release on Ebay when I was a nipper...Alas way back in 2005, I was only 11 and in no position to go ahead and buy things without parental permission...And my parents obviously weren't too happy about buying cuddly toys for me from overseas no less... 2010 saw the re-release of this little fella when I was 15 and a bit more independant with money. Still no dice. I was more interested in spending my money on going out to rock clubs and buying pet reptiles then and so Shadow Lugia passed me by again for a second time. Fast forward 10 years from then...and the price for this awesome Pokedoll has skyrocketed from the $9.99 price sticker on his tag to the point where I thought I'd never get my hands on him... Think again pessimistic me! <3 He's here (after a stonking $145 pricetag which -should- have been closer to $180 before my mad haggling skills kicked in xP) and BOY am I happy to finally be able to hold him and say he's mine!! <3

And look how immaculate his tag is!! He's in absolutely amazing condition and I wholeheartedly intend on keeping him that way <3 He even still has his "S" sticker inside his tush tag which I forgot to photograph in my excited frenzy xP

I still can't comprehend how perfect his little back fins and tail spikes are...How can they all be so uniformly shaped and lovely whilst being -so- tiny!? Adorable!!

And the deal breaker...<3 Those. EYES!. I swear in amongst my Pokedoll cabinet, these seem to glow! The bright thread in stunning and the contrasting colours really make these ruby red's pop! <3

And the seller on eBay was even kind enough to throw in some travel companions with him for his long journey! The little Axew is hanging on my living room door handle, being all cute x3

And finally...Shadow Lugia's new residence (and a little update on my Pokedoll collection as it stands now xD) He of course gets pride of place smack bang in the middle and at the very front! Just look at how his eyes stand out from all that colour and craziness <33 I'm truly in love and SO happy to finally get my hands on him after 10 long years! I think I need to go calm down with a cup of tea or something now...xD

Phew! What a ride! =D Thanks for looking guys and keep up the collecting! And maybe check out my sales to see if there's anything there that is missing from your collection? =3 Just clicky-click the purple snakes! =D

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