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Help-me-get-to-Japan Sales PART 2! - Sealed stuff, flats, TCG and more! :)

EDIT: I've steadily added more items so if you saw the post when it was just posted, there will be new items! :D

*Squuueeeeeal* I just spent 2 or so hours last night and 2 or so hours now making this post, and after I posted it, I had to change ONE letter, and instread of saving the edit - I DELETED THE POST. ;___; Not recoverable. Not one bit. :'D But I think I got everything correct in the a-lot-less-than-4-hour version you see here!
Anyways, hopefully this will work, such frustration, I almost solarbeamed my computer. >O<

First off, thank you all SO SO SO much for the amazing help and support in my last post! I really was humbled by how many people purchased items from me! :')
Hopefully after a few more sales and some sales on my Etsy the FIRST TIME TO JAPAN EVER dream will become a reality. <3
I am so close to Japan I can almost taste it! :D (And it tastes delicious, nomnom)

OH, also all sales from my previous post, will be shipped Friday or Saturday. (Except for envelope/flat purchases which will likely be shipped tomorrow or Wednesday! ^__^

So on to the sales! :D

Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 24 hours - unless we've made a special agreement.
-Minimum of $4 purchase. - $5 international for this sales plug.
-Shipping starts at $3.90 for domestic purchases - even for flats, as I will include tracking (and for flats toploaders / sleeves) UNLESS you'd like to have flats (flats only) shipped in an envelope.
-Shipping for International purchases starts at $7.50 - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
(Actually I can do envelopes on both domestic and intl)
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, more if I have time. EDIT: UNTIL MID-MAY I WILL BE A SLOW SHIPPER! Thanks for understanding! :)
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!
-NO trades at this time since I'm trying to save up for my trip. <3
If you missed my previous plush, figures and GAMES post, please check it out if you wish!
ALSO I've added more items! :D

Click the pic below to be transported!


****NEW STUFF!***

Flareon lot - $4.50
(Pogs are both lenticular/3D and features Eevee as well!)
The promo is holo! :)

Jolteon lot - $4.50
(Pogs are both lenticular/3D and features Eevee as well!)
The promo is holo! :)

Vaporeon lot - $6
The first two on the top are holo! :)

Espeon lot - $6
The top two are holo! :) The Japanese Neo Destiny is rare! <3

Leafeon lot - $2.75
The promo is holo! :)

Glaceon lot - $4.50
The promo is holo, the McDonald's Platinum promo is reverse holo! :)

bromide post cards - $3 each!

Stickers - $0.50 a piece or $3.75 for the left sheet and $4 for the right sheet.

Bird trio tin promo stickers (rare) - $3

Pokemon $0.50 a piece.
Pokeballs free with purchase of Pokemon.

Mega Lucario ex - $7
Japanese Lucario ex - $3
English Lucario ex - $4

Skarmory Ex - $3
Dragonite Ex full art - $7.50
Dragonite ex - $4

Charizard ex PROMO - $4.50
Blastoise ex - $5.50

Tornadus full art - $3
Lanturn prime - $3
Rayquaza/Deoxys legend piece (top) - $9

Computer search - $11 (very playable, pricey!)
Rock guard - $4
Dowsing Machine - $9

Jumbo promos!
Palkia - $4
Charizard - $5

X and Y movie sticker - $2.50

Electric sheep TCG:
Flaffy lot - $5.50
Mareep lot - $3
Or take both for $7!

SEALED Genesect promos - $3.50 each
RARE European Genesect blister promo - $7.50

Sealed Neo Discover promo (Entei reverse holo) - $2.50

Assorted flats:
Fennekin miso soup sticker - $3.50
Ivysaur card sticker - $1.50
Quilava Amada-like transparent sticker - $3
All others - $0.50

I just got the tv series Heracross sticker and Lapras stickers but I hadn't realized I had them already. -__-
$1 each
Shaymin Tretta coin - $3

Assorted Amada & Toybox stickers.
Everything $0.50 except holo Aipom/Poliwhirl - $1.50

Giant Flashfire Charizard Battle poster - $4 (Card for size reference)
CANNOT be shipped as a flat. (It's pretty huge and a little heavy!)

ORAS mini binder (one card per page) - $2

New lenticular cards! (For more look below!)
All $1.50

Lamin cards - $2.50 each except for Swablu - $3 and Tropius, $2.50

Keckleon lot - $5.50

Jumbo cards
All above - $2.50 each or take all for $6

Jumbo cards
Both above - $3 each or take both for $5

Jumbo cards
Ash & Mudkip - $2 each
Raichu - $3.30

Jumbo cards
All above $1.50 each or take all for $4

Jumbo cards
Tailow and Swellow $1.50 each, Combusken $2.50

Jumbo cards
All above $1.50

Johto & rare other (?) stickers:
Top row: Quilfish & Stantler $2. Noctowl, Misdreavus, Skiploom/Wobbuffet $1
Bottom row: $1.50 each

Psychic Sealdass sticker card $4 - x2
Electabuzz sealdass sticker card $0.50 - x2
Kangaskhan sealdass sticker card $0.50 -x2 x1

VS Cards!
Sylveon (x2) - $5 each, legendaries - $3 each, everyone else - $2
SOLD: Both Sylveons already! - Swirlix, Noivern x1 (one left), Xerneas

Everyone here - $2 each
SOLD: Fennekin, 1x Froakie, Tyrunt

Free with purchase! <3 ( I have several!)

How they work! :D

(The 2 different angles in each picture! <3)

Absol - $3, Mawile - $2.50, Groudon -$2, Skitty/Delcatty and Poochyena/Mightyena - $2.50
Everyone else - $1.50,
SOLD: Mightyena, Latias, ABSOL, shuppet

Everyone here - $1.50 each
SOLD: Skarmory,

May - $3, Ash - $1.50, Brock - $2

3D flips (bigger than normal flipz) and 3D pogs (some with marks):
3D Flipz - $1.50 each except Moltres - $3
3D pogs - $3 each
SOLD: Aerodactyl,

Top row: Vena line - $3, Absol - $2.50, Dittochu - $2
All other - $1.50

SOLD: Absol, Dittochu

All Amadas - $0.50 except for Jolteon, Eevee, Growlithe, Raichu - $1
SOLD: Jolteon, Eevee

All $0.50
SOLD - Kangaskhan

All above - $0.50
SOLD - Arbok, Aerodactyl, pidgey,

GB tiny flats.
Holos - All $0.75
The bottom row except Mew and Ninetales are plastic. Plastic ones - $0.75
Mew and Ninetales - $1 each
SOLD, Ninetails, Mew, mewtwo

GB tiny flats non holo, non plastic, all $0.50 each
(Mightyena for size reference but also for sale if you wish. :'D)
SOLD: Zapdos, Mewtwo x1, Spearow,

Free boxes 1 per person with purchase of tiny GB flats

Lugia lot - $15 OBO (The movie promo, and Japanese card are a little expensive normally going for $5-10 a piece)
The Psychic ones are NOT mint. The others are! :)

Skitty lot - $3

Manectric/Electrike lot - $6
Manectric is holo! :)

Froakie candy flat, holo promo and pin - $4.50

Pikachu candy flat - $0.50

Holo Kyogre 3D holo sticker - $2

Mint Jirachi ex full art - $13 OBO

Opened booster box of Tidal storm with ALL inserts and pack arts! Without ultra rares and holos.
I will include 2-3 holos and 1 EX from the set. :)
A lot of good value here, it's just taking up a lot of space! :'D
(Please note shipping on this may be a little higher than average. >_<

I can do this for Gaia Volcano as well, if someone's interested! :)


Sylveon/Pika bromide - $6 (So glitteryyyyyy)


ORAS Alpha Sapphire playing cards.
Megas - $2.50
Jokers - $2
I also have all the others! They go for $1 each, let me know if you're interested! :) I'll also sell full evo sets with a discount!

SOLD: Latios/latias, Jirachi, Sharpedo, Diancie, Rayquaza, Sceptile

****NEW EDIT***

Here are some of the other cards! I have more too, but these are the most popular 'mons. :)
But there are more (gen 3 only)

SOLD: Ralts, Kirlia, Treecko, Grovyle, Milotic,

Squirtle Pokemon Time bookmark - $2.50

no title
Mega Charizard X EX & pin - $25
Pin still available - $2.50

no title

Holos 3D dex and Trozei stickers:
Metagross & Sceptile - $3
Trozei - all $2 except Lugia and Zygarde $2.50

Sold: Zygarde, Kyogre, Sceptile


Sold: Slurpuff, Swirlix, Florges, Chandelure

All Trozei above - $0.50

SOLD: Jirachi, Sandile, female Meowstic, Male Meowstic, Flabebe, Torchic

3D Dex stickers:
Salamence, Flygon, Aggron - $2

All others - $0.50

SOLD: Zigzagoon, Linoone, Zangoose, Sharpedo, Flygon, Dusclops, Feebas

Food Flats! (Ramen, waffle and candy stickers & flats)

Top Row: Klefki sealed ramen sticker  - $4, Xerneas waffle sticker - $2
Eeveelu Row - All $2 each
Third row - $0.50 except Tyranitar Pokemon Amie and Salamence - $2
Yveltal & Swirlix candy w/ candy - $1
Empty candy wrappers - Free with purchase except for Absol - $0,50

SOLD: Glaceon, absol wrapper, Umbreon, Fennekin, Meowth, Jolteon, Xerneas, Klefki, Yveltal candy,

Below stickers: I sell them not by sheet (2 per sheet) but by piece, because I know there are a lot of people who just want one. :)
So here are the price breakdowns:
All $0.50 except for holos, $1


SOLD: 1x Zapdos (1 left), 1x Lugia (1 left) Dragonite, Pidgeot, BOTH Flygon, Mantine/Electabuzz, Registeel/Aipom, Treecko/Chinchou, 2x Poliwrath/Shelgon, Walrein, Trapinch, linoon, Staryu, Mightyena, aerodactyl, duskull, linoone


SOLD: 2x Mewtwo/Zangoose, Omastar, Surskit/Weezing,

Mew, Ralts, Grumpig, Bellossom, Sentret, Arbok, Quilava, Feraligatr, Persian, banette,
Sold: Clefable, Roselia, Unown,


SOLD: Cleafairy, Plusle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Absol, Gadevoir/Farfetch'd, Totodile/Bagon, (I think I still have one of each left, so ask if you're interested! ^_^), Nidoran, Torkoal,Porygon, Totodile, Toros, shuppet

BIG Helioptile sticker - $3

Mega Gengar sleeves - $0.50 each (I have a lot!)
Glittery Pokemon 2000 Mareep card - $3


Aggron full art - $10
Aggron ex - $5

Manectric ex - $4

Japanese - Diancie / Mega Diancie box Exs - $5 each

Japanese Shiny Metagross & Metagross box Exs - $5 each


Groudon ex - $5
Sharpedo ex - $3

Steel Dialga deck promo - $4
Seismitoad ex - $3
Magnezone ex - $2


Mega Kangaskhan ex - $7
All EX Battle Boost exs - $5 each


Ho-oh Legend $12
OR I have another top half for $7


Lugia ex plasma storm - $4
Victini ex - $4
Rayquaza ex dragons exalted - $7
Black Kyurem ex promo - $5
Dialga ex - 5


Team Rocket Returns, Japanese Team Rocket's Suicune.

This guy has edgewear unlike a lot of my other cards, I'd say it's in EX condition. A lot of people would say NM but I'm picky. >_>
Mint it goes for about $25-30

I'm asking $14 for this OBO due to rarity.

Also! I finally have NON-Pokemon sales! :D
These include:

-Hello Kitty items (some new with tags)

-More Sanrio & vintage Sanrio items

-Fruits Basket plush

-Tsum Tsum plush

Marvel POP figure – New in box

-Sailor moon items!

Click the picture below to be transported:


Thanks for looking guys! Hopefully you can find something you've been looking for. ^_^

Please read my rules including my minimum purchase requirements!
Sorry to have these but I have them for a reason - thank you for your understanding. <3

Tags: amaura, blaziken, charizard, darkrai, diancie, eevee, espeon, furfrou, gengar, glalie, hawlucha, helioptile, jolteon, klefki, lugia, manectric, mareep, meowstic, meowth, metagross, noivern, pikachu, sceptile, suicune, swampert, sylveon, torchic, umbreon, wailord, zygarde

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