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huge gets!

Hello everyone! i went to the post office and got my parcel today which i missed yesterday. here are some photos of the stuff i got. have a look.

I got my preorder ticket for pokemon the movie XY hoopa and the archdjinn of the rings and a shiny rayquaza code to redeem the arceus and shiny rayquaza. gonna spend hours trying to get one with good nature and the right ivs. the movie ticket came as a set with the the arceus code and a paper file. i think the file is a preorder bonus. also there's the pokemon shuffle nintendo eshop code. am reluctant to take the card out since i would rather keep it that way but the eshop is currently demanding some funds *gulps*
got some older pokedolls such as charizard ( i already have one back home in malaysia). the canvas growlithe is smaller than i expected but its so cute! its MWT as well and i'm happy i got it at a good price. aside from that there's the beams shiny pikachu and the jolteon from the i love eevee campaign last year. got alot of metal charms and keychains from the pokemon center and also some from the pokemon cafe in shibuya. still looking for the other 2 male and female pikachu to complete the set.
got some mega tokyo merchandises as well. i can never get enough of mega tokyo pikachu merchandises. only the cookie can is a new addition and i already have multiples of the same logo pin. no idea why i wanted that many. weird..
and finally, the lugia and mega rayquaza plush! mega rayquaza is huge! and strange enough i went and got not 1 ,but 2 of the same plush. should have gotten the green one instead lol. i also got a mega rayquaza t shirt, but that was a mistake since it is too small for me to wear. i did not look properly about the size and went ahead before realising my mistake. i guess i could look forward to selling it after i obtain sales permission. but for now, i guess i'm gonna be leaving it in the cupboard for the time being.
thats all from me today! :D also, i'm not used to the LJ cut feature and i think i kinda messed it up =S if anyone has any advise on how to use i greatly appreciate it :D thanks!

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