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le gasp - sss?!?!

Hello everyone!!
I hope you're not sick of these SSS posts already... hehe.

Although I had a rocky start to my morning, I assured my supervisor that today was going to be a good day. I just had the feeling for some reason.
Around lunch time my husband sends me a very hard-to-see picture of a package. Didn't look like my usual boxes, so I could only assume it was from my SSS partner!! o__o! I couldn't wait to get home to check it out and sure enough, there it was!!


First off, can we just admire the adorable choice of box decorating here?

Look at this cute--THING with the HEART-SHAPED nose!! D'awwws! There were other cuties all over the box. :3 My son also enjoyed them!


 photo 11150414_975362355815836_2827043567047738447_n_zpsedjk4h1o.jpg
AHH - I love the Pokemon With You stuff~ Best stationary choice!! Who is responsible for what is to come?

 photo 1653794_975362392482499_7845001574087377300_n_zpsl2m7wsij.jpg

jen81489!! YOU!! I was not prepared! All that excite!!

The adorable Pokecen bag had something inside.

 photo 10455714_975362442482494_5415709683571877271_n_zpsllnatler.jpg

Sylveon AND Vaporeon!? Oh my gooodnesssss these two cuties are my favorite Eevees!
Look at how d'aw this Vappy is!
Note, it too has a heart-shaped nose!

 photo 11038874_975362469149158_3084563598670860037_n_zps8w1b7qvb.jpg

Thank you so, so much for them! My tiny little Sylveon and Vaporeon collection is growing!

But wait - there's more. o-o'
I then pulled out this OTHER bag.

 photo 11102870_975362495815822_7277178838624583518_n_zps7fsaa1n9.jpg


 photo 11073465_975362532482485_6498900507775936785_n_zpsnlnbvczp.jpg

BAM! Just like that!!!

Holy jeezus, dem Pikas! I was flipping out over and over again each time I pulled something out of the bag.
THESE PAN STICKERS ARE MY VERY FIRST EVER AND I LOVE THEM!! You even got a sleepy one!! Ahh, that is amazing.
Also, dat magnet! *u* Went on my fridge immediately following the photo-op.
I've never owned a soap figure before! (that is what it is, yes?) It's so cute and little and that pose is just too adorable.
The strap had me dying. Like. Pokemon Petit. Please. You're really nailing the firsts, here, by the way. First Petit item as well!
I want to use it so badly, but I'm so scared to hurt it or lose it. It will sit on my shelf as I debate it. I REALLY want to use it. *^*
So, I'm very happy that you included an attack kid Pika because my friend got one recently and I was super jealous. Now I have my own little tough-guy!
And if you're wondering about the socks, I'm debating using those as well. I have a 3 year old with big feet (it's a curse) and I bet he could wear them. But he's all the time losing socks, so I would hate for them to disappear. Hmmm.

Oh hey, there's something tucked in the box still. Oh. Two things?

 photo 10407157_975362569149148_118815733452431484_n_zpszr1jscmf.jpg

A Sylveon kid with her box and sticker! Awww yiss! Thank you!! Sylveon's my first Kalos love and her kid figure is so charming.

And the other thing...

 photo 11143394_975362609149144_8356452821714492011_n_zpsdywdfmgl.jpg

*squint* Is that... that....


 photo 11149236_975362639149141_461409071287419739_n_zpskwcs4dsj.jpg


I am shaking at this point, ladies and gentlemen.
Onemuri. Pikachu. All up in my SSS. *leaves and comes back*
Can we remind the audience and the folks at home what I primarily collect?
{psst, it's my username}

 photo 11150221_975362679149137_1460741712112462303_n_zpsbebjud9m.jpg
What is possibly in this crazy cute box!? It's got some weight on it, for sure.

 photo 11133734_975362712482467_1763948227379512253_n_zpshp0kjgem.jpg

OMGGGGG -- do you see this? Why I collect this sleeping cutie!?

 photo 549291_975362769149128_5350378442023731535_n_zpsxkbufdwh.jpg

*collects self at last*

Wooow. I did not anticipate receiving something from the Onemuri Pikachu promo. It's my all time favorite promotion and their previous release I failed to grab a single item, although I wanted all the things. I didn't think I would own something from the promotion, especially the house goods, like this epic square plate. I'm quite overwhelmed... jen81489 you totally outdid yourself.
I mean...

 photo 11118856_975363035815768_7187419958633287690_n_zpscnqntpun.jpg

Really?! -ALL- of this... you got for me. ;--; So incredibly generous and thoughtful and...ahhh! I cannot thank you enough!!

These SSS have been incredible and I have enjoyed watching people receive their gifts almost as much as I had shopping for my partner! There's real joy in watching how awesome this community truly is. All of this would not be possible without all those fabulous volunteers for the SSS organization. So thank you as well, team!!

I hope we all have a wonderful spring and well wishes for the year!

Happy Collecting, everyone!!
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