j_ule (j_ule) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll update + name challenge

I haven't really made a post in a while besides my starter poll tour - which, by the way, I will put up the poll for gen6 soon!

So I thought I might as well come up with a Pokedoll collection update!

FIRST UP, I FORGOT ONE POKEDOLL: MANTYKE ;___; I AM SO SORRY, MANTYKE! ;_; You're actually one of my favorite Pokedolls <3 But seriously, I'm just too lazy to take and edit that picturee/entry all over again..

I even ordered them according to their generations! :D
It actually surprises me that most of my Pokedolls are from Hoenn! But granted, Hoenn has awesome Pokedolls!

Here are some facts as well as personal favorites :)

* Additions since last update: Treecko, Noivern, Natu, 2 Swirlix, Cyndaquil, Altaria

* Top favorite Pokedoll: NATU <333
* Least favorite Pokedoll: Charmander (even though it's my favorite Pokemon! I'm just not a huge fan of the Pokedoll design)
* Favorite Kanto Pokedoll: Butterfree
* Favorite Johto Pokedoll: besides Natu, Marill
* Favorite Hoenn Pokedoll: Altaria
* Favorite Sinnoh Pokedoll: Mantyke
* Favorite Kalos Pokedoll: Noivern

* Rare Pokedolls: Natu, Butterfree, Altaria, Wooper
* Semi-Rares: Marill, Raichu

Fun little game!
* There is one single bootleg - can you spot it?
* There are two customs - they're not difficult to spot, are they? :) Or are they? Well, that shows how awesome and professional they are, right? ^_^

~ Name challenge
Second thing is, I want to give names to my Pokedolls!
And this is where you'll be involved! :) Please tell me the names you'd find good for whichever Pokedoll(s) in my collection you can think of! :)
But please understand that each one has different tastes, so don't be sad if I turn your suggestion down. ;-)

Here are the Pokedolls that already have names:
Mantyke: Brötchen (German word for "bread bun")
Butterfree: Hermione
Kyogre: Rosemarie
2 Helioptiles: Rotzi and Ulki :D
Latias: Larry
Noivern: Joey
Duskull: Oscar

Thanks all for looking/reading (^O^)/
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