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SSS Gets!!

When I saw my mailman stop the truck and walk over a package I got super dooper excited!!

We had a false alarm yesterday to King was sceptical, but once we saw the pokeball symbol on the pacage we knew it just had to be!
I also came down with a horrible flu last night and really needed this <3
Felling better but I am all achy so I was slow to open things XD

and I do apolagise if my pots were not posted with a long enough gap in between ^^; I would be happy to save this journal and repost later!

Me: Calm down King I am trying my best here!

King: I'm in!!

King: COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me eat them now!!
Me: Hold on!! I think there is more!

King: You are right! I found this book!!
Me: mmm I don't think it is a book XD

King: You are right! IT'S MORE COOKIES!!!

King: Look I opened the next one for you!!
Me: Slow down! You are going to fast XD

King: Just leave me here to die in peace!!
Me: King! get up! we still have to read te note! and there is still 1 more thing!
King: But cookies...

King; Hey I can't eat you!
Pikazard: Eat me!? I'll show you!!

King: Hey look! lets try these now!
Me: Okay! let me translate the instruction first!

King: Look! I made myself!
Me: very nice but that was not one of the faces XD
King: but I do what I want! I am King!!

We sampeled all of the treats and we both gree that the strawberry cookies were the best! They remind me of the strawberry jam tarts from New Zealand!

But who was my SSS you ask? None other than mastershambler

Here is their wonderful note:
Hello Yellow_fr3ak! This is your Spring Swapper, Master Shambler! I just returned from Japan and had a wonderful time. While there, it was a joyful challenge to find you items from your collection that you did not have. Your collections are so fascinating that is was quite difficult to find you specific wish list items that you were after. Trust me, I searched very hard and explored tons of figure shops and Pokemon Centers. At the same time, our mutual love of sweets made you easier to shop for, so I picked out some of the coolest ones I found! I look forward to your collection updates and I wish you happy collecting!

Thank you so very much Master Shambler! I couldn't be more happy with what you got me :) and I do apologise for my impossible wish list XD You get an A++ in my books though!

In other news my poor SSS partner did not get to see the amazingness that was in their package :((( It was marked as delivered but I fear someone stole it off of their porch *cries tears for days* I realy hope that one day it showes up! I made some super spiffy things and even got items off of your wishlist!

I am mentioning this because once I am done with my current projects I will make you a little something again! This time it will need to be signed for upon delivery!

If you really want to see the thing I made you you can do so here *tears*

Not sure if I am allowed to reveal who my partner was so I will leave it as is! and I dare not tell you what else was in the package DX
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