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SSS has arrived!!

Has everyone been having fun with the SSS gifting? I have been enjoying all the photos and pokemon helpers of everyone's gifts! I was so excited when I saw my own package today! I knew what it was, since I wasn't expecting anything this sized that I bought. So happy! Let's get photo blogging!

It arrived! Look at the cool stickers!

Oooo, what's in it?! Pretty!

Is it a Regigigas?!

YEAH! A Regigigas pokedoll and some candy!

If course, it's for me! Thanks Regigigas.

My SSS was dezi_kitsune!! Thanks so much for the lovely gifts!!

I know I mentioned I liked tea, I didn't expect anything! Maybe a tea bag or two? Sorry it's blurry, it says: Organic Peach White Tea (from China)

*SNIFFS* OMG it smells divine!!

Oh Regigigas has another present, what is it?

"IT'S MINI ME!!" Yaaaay!! I have been looking for an in-package Regigigas Tomy with the spinny base - good find dezi_kitsune-san!! :D

Oh, one more thing, it's well wrapped... thanks for the help, Regigigas.

OH! What a beautiful Waza Museum Garbodor figure! I love Poison Pokemon! Wheee!

This was my SSS from dezi_kitsune, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the lovely items!! XD

Here's the candy stash! I'm picky, so far I tried the top one with the pucker face and glasses (it tasted ok, but the texture was really fun) and the yellow one (kinda strawberry?). The ones on the left are Ramune candy, I have had those before. ^__^

Also am tagging pupstergirl and godudette, so they know I received my swap gift. :D
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