Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pathtags update / info / Small wants

I wanted to put a little update out here since Ive sent out a few hundred pathtags ~

I have shipped consistently every Monday, so the Monday after you sent payment is when your tag was shipped; unless I contacted you otherwise. If your payment was sent on a Monday, it most likely went out the following Monday.

Tags were shipped via normal envelope and stamp so normal mail times are expected. Within the states this is *normally* 2-7 days; however I would ask that you wait some additional time for quirks in processing. International times vary.

If you think too much time has elapsed and think your tag may be lost please contact me with your original payment info; I will do my best to cover losses but supplies are lmitied.

Thank you ~

no title

On an unrelated note I'm looking for some Pita Pokes.... Specifically Tympol; I may be intrested in others depending on price. Packaging is not a must.

I'm also intrested in the Zip Pouches from the Goomy Promo ~

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