Pumpkaboo_patch (pumpkaboo_patch) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long Time No Post/Gets!

Hey all! It's been awhile ;)

But anyyywaaayyyyys, I just wanted to finally show y'all some new gets! Whoop whoop!

Haha! I've been lookign forward to posting this! But here it is :)

  I really do just want to focus on Pumpkaboo, but I watched the Pokémon First Movie unshown short with Mewtwo and fell in love! So that's why his pokédoll is here :) Really nice! I like how he has a different fabric for his tail than the rest of his body, adds depth. (From pik'nchu's)
  Ducklett's next cause I forgot to mention ducks are my nearly favorite animal! It's cute! But out of curiosity, is the Japanesse veriosn different from the US pokédoll? I heard the US one looks a bit distorted.
  And a bulbasaur pokédoll from Wal-Mart! My boyfriend and I saw them passing by and had to get him (he got charmander which is extremely cute and very very chibi)

Then perler sprites! I made these for my own collection after seeing another member post hers :) They're fun to do, but the beads can add up in price if you're not careful.

  And last but certainly not least, we have a Mewtwo Tarot card from jheila's give away! So a shout out to her, thank you sooooo much! I love the artwork! And the loness of it (if that's a word).

Heehee, thanks for looking and happy day/hunting to all of y'all!

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