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What is this material? I love it and want to see more!!

I was organizing my shelf to look a little neater and I compared my cosplay pikachu material to the others, this minky matetial seems so much neater and higher quality, will more plushies in the future be made with this kind? Cannot get over the softness @-@ up until now I've been to scared to touch my baby since im always fooling with chickens and makeup and all that jazz XD;


Btw I had no idea you could pull the ears out of the hat.... Welp I learned something today!

Btw have the cosplay pikachus been bootleged yet? The reason I ask is bc my little cousins want one and their father is thinking of getting them one from Amazon but idk bout this :X I mean sure the pictures look fine but...... Either they will get a bootleged one or a totally different pikachu :/ and speaking of the topic, has anyone made a updated bootleg guide? I noticed a lot of members asking latley with concerns so idk maybe it's time XP if be happy to do some research myself!

Also for the lookout for a swirlix pokedoll So I can pretend he came from rose's room.... Feels
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