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Help-me-get-to-japan Sales part 3! - Last one for a bit. ^__~

You guys are the best! :') I really appreciate all the people who have been purchasing from my weeding-get-to-Japan-for-the-first-time sales or even just commenting wishing me good luck and a great trip! It has meant so very much and as mentioned in my previous post I am starting to not just see it as a dream but as a reality! :D
I really truly do hope it becomes just that!

First off, I will be shipping about half of the sold items tomorrow, and the other half next week - there are a LOT of packages so I've transfered additional money from paypal for shipping, which should be there next week. :) <3
I will update everyone little by little!

Secondly - It turns out I found a bunch more items I didn't realize I had! @_@
For example I didn't realize I had so many VS plastic cards from a booster box I opened a good while back!
There happen to be 2 Sylveons and many more!

Also if you haven't checked out my other sales, go ahead and check them out! I'll actually be adding the new items there to keep everything mostly in just 2 places. :D

This is the last sales post I'm going to be making for a little bit but I will be updating periodically. ^__^ <3

So here is a preview of the new flats (There's more than just this!)

The old flats are there still as well. :D

And lastly the non-flats! I've added a few more items there as well. <3
(click any of the pictures!)

Tags: absol, ampharos, arcanine, delcatty, eevee, espeon, froakie, gyarados, latias, lugia, magikarp, manectric, mawile, metagross, mew, mewtwo, mightyena, natu, noivern, pikachu, poochyena, raichu, rotom, skitty, squirtle, sylveon, tcg, togepi, xatu

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