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Small Sales Update (mostly holo TCG) and I Got My Pathtag

Possibly the last final exam of my life is next week (college graduation woot) but I slipped some time in for some quick updates :3

1.  TINY SALES UPDATE, you know the drill, click the cut below the SALES picture~
2. Got my pkmncollectors 2015 pathtag! I joined in 2008, that's 7 years with you guys! ♥

3. After school is done, I hope to be more active here. I love the collecting hobby, I love the community, I love pokemon.

\\\\\     SALE RULES & POLICIES:     /////

- Sales permission received in 2008 by lineaalba.
- Please remember to leave feedback after you have received your order! No news is good news... If something is wrong with your order, let me know ASAP and I will do what I can to help.

- PayPal only.
- Payment is due within 24 hours of getting a total.
- Buyer Priority: Commitments take priority over asking for quotes or asking questions (community default rule).
- No holds. Also, please do not ask to hold something for someone else. This is very unfair to others who get there first and want the item themselves. Sorry!
- I do consider trades! I collect quite a lot of things so just point me to your sales!

- I ship internationally from Florida, USA.
- Shipping Cost = Postage Price + PP Fees + Handling Costs.
- By default, I ship everything through USPS First Class. All domestic orders will come with default USPS tracking (if applicable - does not apply to flats in an envelope). All international orders will come with the customs forms number (if applicable). You will get this number once your order is shipped; these serve as my proof of shipment. You may also ask for a receipt. If you need other tracking, insurance, priority mail, etc, feel free to request it!
- Card singles are always shipped in protective sleeves and toploaders. For other items, I use bubble wrap and/or other protective materials.
- In the unlikely event that your package is lost in transit by the post office, I, unfortunately, can NOT afford to replace or refund it.
- Items are shipped out within 1 week of me receiving cleared payment.

* Shipping within the US starts at $1.50 for flats and $3.50 for non-flats!
Note: I can only ship paper-thin things like cards and stickers as flats. Anything larger MUST be shipped in a bubble mailer. Sorry for any inconvenience!

* PKMNCOLLECTORS Rules & Guidelines apply.

Slight haggling is OK

M Lucario EX - $15

Glaceon Lv.X (Majestic Dawn) - $10
Good condition. Light scratches on surface visible in the light. Minimal edge wear. Not mint but still looks perfect from afar.

Slowking (Undaunted), Ursaring, Drapion Lv.X - $3 each

Card sleeves! $1 per sleeve

Hippo lot! $5 OBO

Badges, cool Sentret thingy, Lairon Battrio (I bought meself an extra, whoops) - $1 each

Random shtuff, free with any purchase

Latias Pokemon Time "Bookmark" - May sell (make offer) but would prefer to trade for another bookmark (FLYGON!!)

Thanks for looking and have a nice day o/
Tags: drapion, glaceon, latias, lucario, sales, slowking, ursaring

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