fallengone (fallengone) wrote in pkmncollectors,

want list after ab also who did i sleeves from

After ab I got an emgoa =) but no kecleons =(
I have a punkaboo =) the really big one and the others are n the pic
One of these the huge sinvy and punkaboo cost me a wopping 30 + 40= 70 =) Lol and official also got a treeco from toys 4 us >-< pics of her will be latter
no title

I still want a kecleon amiibo =) IDK y after april 1st I now convince myself it would be a great idea >-<
also on the charizard/ninja/puff amiibo hunt on may 29th Q_Q wish me luck
this is fallengone now waiting for mewtwo >-< stupid exclusives Jiggy and ninja
no title
no title
no title

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