B4CKBONE (b4ckbone) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS gets! & garbodor sales & wants

So today I visited my parents house and there was a package on the porch when I arrived :D

So my sss gifter was MouseAlchemist!
It too me a while to open the package but...

when I did I almost cried, not gonna lie.
Look at those big cute eyes oh my gosh ;V;
My dad was standing there not understand why I was squealing so much.

The art was sooooo perfect, I actually hung this on my fridge LOL
I love it! Thank you for the candy too!

I named him Yggdrasil- just like all my other phantumps. I just love that name and it's also the name of my phantump in game <3 I'm going to need a bigger shelf soon.
Phantump customs give me life- though I do wish they would release a Pkmncenter phantump plush someday soon....

Thank you so much mousealchemist!!!!
This is the best gift EVER.
:) :)

I'm really relieved that I didn't get anything Garbodor related for SSS because I have been thinking about selling off my collection of him. If you are interested at all I'll put the info and pics in this next cut.

So I've put the Garbo lot on ebay for anyone interested.

If there is someone here who would like to buy (as long as there arent bids yet) I can remove from ebay and sell to you instead.

Granted sales permission on March 21, 2015 by areica96.

Feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/b4ckbone/
But feel free to check my ebay feedback too- that's where I've done all my selling so far since I just got permission here. :)

Lastly here are some wants :D
Please let me know if a picture belongs to you and you want it removed.

I'm lookin for this TOMY Pumpkaboo

A Meowstic F Kid figure

Gourgeist Sticker (and Pumpkaboo / Phantump if they were made...I'm not too sure)

Gourgeist Strap!
(Pumpkaboo as well- I missed both of these since they were blind bagged I believe)

Thank you for reading!

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