Matt! (mattsandwich) wrote in pkmncollectors,

first collection post!

Hey everyone! My name is Matt, I'm 19, and I'm attending Stony Brook University in NY.

I joined the community quite some time ago and I thought I made a first post, but apparently I didn't - so this is my first post I guess!

I collect Pokemon plush - well actually, lots of different plush, but Pokemon are always one of the more fun plushies to collect.

I hope to make lots of friends while I'm here and buy some awesome plush for my collection! :)

My most recent purchase was of Torchic, Kirlia, and Eevee at the Pokemon Center in NYC.
Snorlax and Psyduck (which I'm pretty sure are booties) are from my boyfriend, as is the Squirtle on the right. The other Squirtle is from my friend James.
Chespin was a Christmas gift from my parents two years ago.
The rest were either bought by me or my parents over the course of a few years.

I hope I conformed to all the rules, if I did something wrong please let me know!

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