Pretty Pink Guardian Lala (princesshakuryu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Pretty Pink Guardian Lala

New Plush Grabs! Eeveelutions, Suicune, and Mew booties!

Had a shopping spree with pokemon lately. I blame a poke'mon swap group on another forum I am in! =P Got some more TOMY eeveelution plush form Walmart, along with one of those promotional Kyogre Alpha Sapphire figures I found! (an employee actually found one and gave it to me!) Also a Suicune and a pair Mew bootie pokedolls for my amusement. I bought the suicune from a seller who claimed it was real. The mews I impulse bought 2 off ebay. The Mew plush on the far right has different eyes, softer and lighter pink fabric, and a tag which feels pretty close to the real thing but for $7 it was obviously not! =P

 photo DSCN6807.jpg

 photo DSCN6826.jpg

Also with a little bit of re-sewing, I made Suicune's crest placement look a little better!
 photo a98fda3d-518f-48b5-8cb3-30cbb1c2a977.jpg

Enjoy pics! ^-^

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