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Sales Update

Hiya everybody, hope y'all are doing well. This is just a short post that my sales have updated a little, this time with a special plush, the sleeping gizamimi plush and more!

I was granted sales permission in June 2014 by Allinia.
- I ship from California, USA packages start @ $2
- Tracking is automatically included in USA packages.
- I ship internationally as well, international packages start @ $4.30 and will get pretty high for heavier items.
- I used to ship very often but please excuse me for shipping in a strange pattern these days! :c I will let you know when something ships though (please let me know if you have an emergency and need it shipped for like a birthday present or something @-@). I ship around 1-2 times a week now for USA packages and I only ship around once a week for international packages.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages, priority mail comes with tracking + insurance but it is not the default choice for ALL items (only the bigger ones). Please tell me if you would like priority mail or first class!
- I accept haggling!
- I will hold items as long as you are committed, backing out of any committed items will result in a negative feedback ;_; sorry!
- Commitment gets priority over quotes, please be clear, commitment is "I will take ______ to ______"please provide zipcodes or area for quotes! ;v;
- PPF is not included yet
Feedback is found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kurukimi/

Click to my sales v ( ' w ' )

I've been pretty quiet when it comes to updates lately, so I'm waiting on a few items and I'm hoping to do a reintroduction soon! Gosh this month is just bloody brilliant, I love the new pikachu plushes! ^^ Although I'm still waiting for a flygon petit.. Or a jirachi petit.. those would be so cute. ^^

Not going to lie, I really want them to make more pitapokes and Pokemon nendoroids. How great would it be if they would have little nendoroid blind boxes with different Pokemon in them? Oh my god.... the dream. I'd kill for an N nendoroid though.. or a Blue/Green nendoroid.. or.. orr.. just any more! Even nendoroid petits would be acceptable ;__; GoodSmileCompany and Pokemon Co., are you listening? ;D

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