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Flygon EX Box and Charizard Tin Pick-up Story

Hi, everyone. Geez, I felt so tired of looking for this Flygon EX Box everywhere today. My mistake is that I did not call the GameStop to check if they have the box or not. I went to the first shop in center city philly and the staff there told me the box would arrive on either Monday or Tuesday and they would only stock two. Stepping out of the store disappointed, I forget to ask them if they can check there are any stores getting them; and I rushed to the next store I found on Google Maps. Unfortunately they told me it was not yet either but I found a Charizard EX tin. During the checkout, one of the staffs told me that there is another store down the 3rd street (I was at 23rd street). So, I nabbed my tin, geared the car, and flied to the last store from which I eventually got this box.

I pulled another copy of Gardevoir EX, two holo rares (Victreebel from FF and Charizard from LTR), and a reverse holo rare Dusknoir (FLF), reverse wide illustration Magcargo (PCL), and reverse rare Hypno (FF).

I am selling the jumbo/oversized Flygon EX for $3 plus shipping and fees. I have no idea how to store it. Obviously it is too big to fit into a sleeve page. The card will be shipped in a photo mailer made with rigid card so that it will not be bent during the delivery.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Ship from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Tags: flygon, gets, sales, tcg

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