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A month of gets + small grail(s)

 I got a few things over last month but I've waited for two packages in the mail before I post. :3 One of them contained something I didn't expect to find maybe ever. After delaying my posting even more, I finally got around to retake some photos and sit down to write this. I hope you'll enjoy!


Let's see what's inside! (*´・v・)

I'll start from the latest box I got from fromjapan. These were lucky and unexpected finds.


Type Focus items and a tiny grail, a pokedoll figure! Type Focus items were a lot and I got it primarly because of two straps. Hidden beneath is the second grail. I'm really excited to show you these~

Clickity click the cut below for grail stuff. :3

First is the pokedoll figure! Forgot to snap a photo of the box

Piplup! I never expected to find this figure, let alone have no competiton in bidding. :'D It's quite heavy and bigger than I thought it would be. I'm very happy with it and now I'm tempted to get some more pokedoll figures, especially Eevee.^ u ^

Next is...

Don't let the size fool you, it's quite small! Maybe someone who owns this knows what it is at this point? ;3 I forgot to take photos of the box itself before opening it so~

It's a Piplup Hotcake pan! *///v///* I don't know much about it except it was released with Pikachu hotcake pan and that there's another version bundled with Pika and Piplup fork and knife (or was it a spoon?). While googling before I bought it, I found an auction held here few years back. :0 Any more details about this would be appreciated. :>


It's cute beyond words and so small! 12 cm is the diameter (around 6 inches) of the pan Piplup's head and I love the engraving of its japanese name on the handle, Pochama. ;//w//;

Now it's time to bake some Piplups!

Seems like Piplup wants to help! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

Eeeh wait, not that Piplup! (( ;°Д°))ノ

There weren't any hotcakes made in fear of cooking the poor pokedoll alive

Ehem. I haven't tried to make some yet, mostly because I'm afraid of damaging the pan and my gas stove has too large burners for the size of the pan and the smallest one doesn't hold fire for long. :o I'll try to figure something out though. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

And for the last cut of photos there are the rest of the gets with some new plush members (/^▽^)/

First, plush!

Buneary! I was looking after one for two years and finally found one with its cute tag. :3

Togekiss! Oh my, I didn't hope for this one but I was quite lucky and won it in happyjolteon's Pokedoll auctions. :3 I think it's my favourite, next to first Victini release, Piplup and Zorua.

Next three I got from GA hosted by chain!

Munna regular Pokecen plush! It's so chubby!

Shaymin pokedoll! I love how fluffy the top is.

And the little fox, Zorua! Zorua is one of my favourite Pokemon from Unova (with Victini, Munna, Minccino and Tepig) and one of my favourites overall. I love how the pokedoll looks mischievous as Zorua itself. >:3

This lovely Pokebox card I won in jheila's giveaway~! Ampharos is very dear to me and 3 is my favourite number, hehe.

And the last, figure straps from the first cut above~!




I got these because of Victini and Tepig but Emolga and the towel are a cute bonus. :> Victini's face is too precious. I wish they made a Victini plush with this expression, holding a cookie. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Thank you for reading~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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