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Collection update + a big want!

Hi guys! Seto here with a quick collection update. I was going to post gets but I've got like...three-ish months of them so I figured I'd condense them into a collection update.

If you remember my intro, my collection looked like this at first:


(feel free to ignore the non-Pokemon stuff and my frogs' cricket cage, lol)

It was taking over one shelf before, but now it's kind of expanded to two more! I'm going to need to get some new shelf space for my room because I've pretty much run out here. Things are feeling just a biiit cramped now. (...I also totally forgot I had Zorua hiding down there, haha!)

So let's start with the Pokemon I'm collecting the most of, Snivy!

I've gotten quite a bit of cute things of Snivy and his line the last couple months! A few new plush, including the Serperior Pokedoll from happyjolteon's Pokedoll auction! I also completed the Snivy line in Kid form after buying an extra Snivy and Servine from jaydee93. Lastly, I got a Snivy bottlecap figure and adorable Snivy drawing from zugagirl!

My big Snivy plushes live on the floor beside my bookshelf now. The Banpresto Snivy in the middle is new, and I got him from kaisinel! His journey to my house was pretty perilous thanks to USPS somehow managing to crush the box he came in, but thankfully he came out of the crazy ordeal totally intact!

Next up is my next biggest collection of Pokemon merch, Jigglypuff!

Clefable still hangs out next to the Jigglypuffs, haha.

I only intended to just get a few pieces of merch for the rest of my main team, but I've somehow accumulated a small horde of Jigglypuff items. She was my very first favorite Pokemon as a kid, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. The MPC in the center is from fluna_daiyunel and thedaftlynx's GA a few months back. I need to make a note to sew her fluff back against her forehead.

My small group of Mews! I also didn't intend to collect Mew but it's quickly become a side-collection goal because after joining the community I realized how much adorable merch it has. I love that little fat reversible Mew, haha. It was also from the GA that Jigglypuff came from.

Here's my group of Blazikens and lone Torchic. I was pretty thrilled to get the Blazikenite stone from xxiiijamesiiixx's auction a while back! This is definitely a side-collection I hope to expand when I get most of the Snivy and Jigglypuff things I'm after.

Lastly, my Kids collection has exploded quite a lot thanks to the sale jaydee93 ran back in February! I've collected so many, I've pretty much run out of space for them and need to get a separate little shelf sometime soon because there are still quite a few that I want. I just can't help it, they're so darn cute! I've organized them by generation here.

Oh wait, there's a figure that's not a Kid there, huh? The cute little Whimsicott Fairy Ippai figure is from zugagirl!

Aaand before I close out this update, here a few loose gets that I got in the last month!

Look at this cutie. My first custom! I came across these cute Mochimon plush through the community and knew I needed to get one of my own. I asked for Noivern first because he currently doesn't have any plush, and I was not disappointed in the least with how he turned out. On the contrary, I absolutely love how cute he is! I really want to get the rest of my main team in Mochimon form in the future.

A super adorable Jigglypuff playing card that I won from jheila's awesome giveaway. I also just realized while setting these photos up that I took a picture of it upside down...oops. DON'T MIND MY FAILURES.

One of akeyma's neat pathtags! It's currently sitting with my Jigglypuff collection until I find a better place for it.

And some cute finds during my trip to Anime Detour at the end of March! The Jirachi strap is a custom from the Artist Alley. It's really well-made and double-sided! I'm also really thrilled to have that Banpresto Jellicent. She doesn't seem to have a Kid yet so it's nice to have some merch of her in another form!

And that concludes my update! I guess that ended up not being very quick, but thanks for reading if you got all the way through it! c:

With that out of the way, I'd like to talk about a recent want of mine! It might be a little tricky to find, but hopefully you all can help me!

It's the Tomy interactive talking Snivy plush! I've seen a few of the Japanese version around for sale, but I'm after the English version because I absolutely love Snivy's English voice. I was able to confirm with princess_snivy that the English version only came out in the UK, and is a little tricky for those in the US to get. That's why I've come here! Would anyone here happen to have one of these for sale or possibly be willing to middleman one on the UK Amazon for me? (if the latter isn't allowed, just let me know and I'll remove it!) I'd be grateful for any information! c:

I also have a general wants post, which you can find in the link below. I haven't been able to add picture references just yet, but if you think you have anything I'm after, feel free to let me know!

Thanks so much for your time!
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