tofughost (tofughost) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Update, Wants, and Sales

Hey first an update to my swirlix collectcion!

For my wants right now im looking for Swirlix stickers!
I would really like another swirlix pan sticker so i can use it and another slurpuff pan too but im looking for any type of stickers really.
Im also looking for any merch of either swirlix or slurpuff i dont have so link me to your sales post if you got any! I also might be interested in custom stuff not just official so keep that in mind.
also while i was googling i found this i was wondering if anyone knew what it was?

Now for my sales!
if you need a better picture of anything please let me know! i recently got a better phone with a nicer camera so over the next month when i have time im going to retake all my sales photos but until then if you need better pictures of something youre interested in i will do it asap!
Sales Permission granted by allinia on June 10 2014
Tags: sales, slurpuff, swirlix
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