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Update - Mail Day! Call of Legends!

Here comes a quick want. I am trying filling the gaps in my binder (lol). I come across online this Zapdos and I really like its artwork and hopefully I can trade for it. Or I can buy it if the price is right, depending on the condition of the card. Anyone?


Wow, whew ... Ha ha. Now I know the feeling of a COMPLETE collection. I have also taken the pictures of what I get, but I guess it looks much better outside. Mine is triple sleeved (penny sleeve + normal sleeve + page sleeve) so there is reflection of the light.

Well, I guess it is very hard for me to tell that I am not posting something related to cards. Okay, first good news is that I sold the jumbo Flygon EX today for a decent price considering its not a standard playable card. So, I decide to try it again to list a lot of cards from my collection with starting bid of $0.99 on eBay.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011

Second is that for the base set lot we cannot make it because the highest bid is far beyond reach. The lot was sold for 19000 yen finally. I am not too surprised about this price considering a mere Item Finder (sorry item finder) was sold over 20000 yen on yahoo! japan before. Geez, now I missed my chance to obtain two more copies of the no rarity Zapdos. However, it is just so fun to know that there is also a "1st-edition" base set that has a large demand outside the U.S. To people who do not know what I am talking about so far, you can check out this link for the closed auction here:

Last, for people participated in my group buy for the shiny legendaries from Call of Legends. I believe the lot will arrive either tomorrow or the day after that. Stay tuned and get ready to see your cards coz I am gonna take a picture for them most likely before seeing them go. Really, I want them all. lol
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