Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Unexpected Gets Post!

So, I got two little dragons the past two days, and I had to share!

I went to Meijer yesterday (it's a Michigan grocery chain), where I used to get all my old Jakks figures, and they had this-

So of course I bought myself a Tyrunt :3

Late last week, I was browsing an online Anime Shop, and saw this guy on sale for the first time! I'd been stalking all my Japanese sites, but none had gotten him yet. So, without further ado (please ignore the bad lighting)-

I got back into pokemon last October after seeing pics of Goodra on Serebii, got one in my game off of gts, and he was my partner before my Garchomp and Charizard were trained ^-^

Thanks for reading! ^-^
~ Ebon

Tags: banpresto, gets, goodra, plush, tomy, tyrunt

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