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Intro post! Collection/wants!

Hello everyone!
I thought I would make a post introducing myself and my collection so far. You can refer to me as PinkPikmin if you like, but I do also go by Bunny (it's a nickname some friends gave me!) I've been collecting Pokemon casually since the late 90s. Right now my collection is mostly cards and figurines I've had since I was younger, but I'm working on expanding my collection with hopefully some more plush and various figurines I've been hunting for.

I did take some pictures of my collection to share with you guys! I'll put them under cuts so you can scroll past or open up whatever you are/aren't interested in seeing. I kept the images relatively large, so be careful!

These are, unless I'm mistaken, all Jakks plush from Target and whatnot:

And then I have my little "treasure"; my Giratina Pokedoll that I picked up at the Nintendo World store quite a few years ago. I'll be visiting it again to hopefully pick up another Pokedoll or two. Since I only have this one, really any of them would be nice additions to my collection! Then there's some convention finds of a couple of my favs, and then a little Unown I handmade!

And then we have my figurines, which are mostly by Tomy and mostly very very well loved. I would love to add some more to my collection.
My Tomy collection:

And then I also have some miscellaneous figurines from Best Buy preorders, Jakks, birthday cakes...etc

Then there's my cards. I have a lot from the Pokemon TCG of course, and then also Topps Pokemon cards.

TCG first. There's no good way to organize all of them for one photo, but I guess it gives you an idea of the quantity. I also have another binder somewhere:

And same with my Topps! Do any of you actively collect these? And some Burger King cards(?) mixed in

And last but not least...marbles! I don't remember how these came packaged or anything, but just like my old Tomy figures I couldn't part with them:
This is the Sandshrew pouch, but I'm pretty sure I also had another one at some point. Possibly Dragonite.

I've decided I want to definitely expand my Pokedoll collection and also start collecting some pink Pokemon goodies. Skitty, Jigglypuff, and Audino are some of my favorites that I'd like to start with!
I am also looking for the Pokemon Rumble U figurines, as I didn't even know they existed until they quit existing in stores.

That's all for now! Hope I have some new additions to post about soon.
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