Julie X. Fox (invader_julie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Julie X. Fox

Sales post~

1. First come, first serve. I WILL hold cards.


Shipping for cards is $1 worldwide, and will be mailed in a regular envelope in card protectors.

Shipping for figures is $2 (or $1, depending on the size), and they will be mailed in bubble envelopes. $3 international.

Plush will be weighed to determine how heavy the box will be, and will be mailed in tiny boxes or bubble envelopes, depending on the plush. Generally I'm assuming $5? Advice on shipping?

3. I accept PayPal only, sorry! The paypal fee will also be included in the price, so when you comment on which items you'd like, I'll total them up for you.

4. I will ship items when I have the payment.

5. If you're interested in something but not happy with my price, I'll be glad to bargain with you. (:

6. I WILL TRADE for cards I'm looking for!

Though I am specifically looking for these ::

Glaceon/Leafeon cards
Umbreon/Espeon cards (I really would love a Neo Destiny Umbreon)
Shining/Star Eeveelution minus Vaporeon
Ex Team Rocket Returns Shining Mudkip ( GRAIL ITEM D: )
Brock's Mudkip ( GRAAAIILL )
WB Creator Series Mudkip ( super duper grail )
Unseen Forces Typhlosion Ex
Here Comes Team Rocket! (from the Ex Team Rocket Returns set)
Houndoom/Houndour (Neo Revelations, Dark Houndoom from Neo Destiny, any newer ones)
Any newer Eevee cards
Any Mudkip/Typhlosion figurines
VS cards with any of the above pokemon (I already have Blaine's Typhlosion, but I would love Karen's Houndoom/Umbreon, Lance/Jasmine's Ampharos, Rocket's Wobbuffet, Morty's Ninetails/Gengar, and any Eeveelutions)

7. Random buyers will receive a free ghetto-Pokémon card sticker from back in the day! (:

I think that's about it. D: *scratches head* If you have any questions, just ask!


All cards are in mint condition, though some might have very light scratches.</b>

I also have the complete Base, Jungle, Fossil, and Team Rocket card sets if you're looking for any other common/uncommon cards from those. I also have bought like, .. six or seven boosters from some of the most recent sets and have a bunch of random commons/uncommons .. so just ask me if I have something if you're looking for anything from it.

[ Houndour stamp = sold ]

Holos :: 1.75
Non-holo Rares :: 1.50
Dark Dragonair :: 1.25/1.00 [ first edition/uncommon ]
Dark Vaporeon :: 1.00
Japanese Dark Dugtrio :: 2
Japanese Southern Islands Togepi :: Make offers?
[ Pinsir and Vaporeon are foreign, I believe Spanish and Italian ]

Holos :: 2
Non-holo Rares :: 1.50
Shiftry Ex :: 3
Magnezone X :: 5
Uncommons :: 1

I also have a holo Kingdra (3) and reverse-holo Starmie (1.50) from Legends Awakened and a holo Ex-Holon Phantoms Primeape (1.50).

I have several, several common/uncommon cards from the last few series. Just ask and I might have it.

All cards are 0.50.

Hasbro beanies
Poliwhirl :: 2
Charizard :: 3
Snorlax :: 2
Psyduck :: 2
Pikachu :: 2

Talking Pikachu
He was the one where you press his hand and he lights up, moves and talks. He still lights up and talks, but his ears don't move anymore. They got jammed or something. You can feel it trying to move, but it won't. :/ He's also got some spots (I don't really know what they are). I'd say $4, probably $5-6 on shipping as well, he's heavy.

Bootie Squirtle :: 1
Bath Buddie Bulbasaur (never used) :: 2
Meowth :: 1
BK 3-D Cards :: 1 (Pikachu doesnt make sound anymore)
Spinny tops :: 1
BK Charmander :: .50, doesn't light up anymore
Mankey/Primeape :: .50
Pop Tarts Charmander/Poliwrath/Chansey :: .25
BK water squirters :: .50
Geodudes :: .25 (take them?)
Gameboy toy :: 1
Gameboy cartridges :: .50 each or all gameboy stuff for 2
Pichus :: .50
Squirtle/Oddish :: .25

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask or even to haggle prices.
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