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Photostory: I'd Really Like to Eat a Cookie

Hi everyone! As probably some of you know, I REALLY like doing photostories; I think they're cute and I like seeing what different things I can make it look like my plush are doing. I used to do them a LOT every time I got a new package, but I've since run out of scenario ideas for that, and have stuck to random little scenes around my room or house.

Recently, Vulpes_canis showed me a cute little children's book about a baby alligator called "I'd Really Like to Eat a Child" and it's really a very cute book (there is no human eating, but instead banana eating) but I got an idea for another photostory a while ago, and now I've finally made some cookies, and can actually do the photostory!

One fine afternoon Tao the Treeko was playing. He was having a lot of fun playing, even if he was playing by himself, when a thought came to him:
"I'd really like to eat a cookie."
He was a bit tired of sugary Pokepuffs and bitter berries, he wanted a cookie. Any cookie would do, but peanut butter ones sounded good. He had never had peanut butter cookies before, or peanut butter in general, but his trainer liked it a lot and he wanted some. So off he went in search of a cookie.

His first stop along his journey took him to the counter. He knew that the baking supplies were kept there, so perhaps he would find himself a cookie. But he didn't, instead he found the little kids playing on the cupcake stand.
"Would you like to play tag with us?" Gumdrop, the little poliwag, asked him.
"No thanks," Tao replied. "I'd really like to eat a cookie."

His next stop took him to the dresser, where he found Takigawa the pikachu. And Takigawa was eating, so that was promising!
"Do you have any cookies?" Tao asked him.
"No, but I have this bowl of popcorn. It's got rice seasoning on it," Takigawa replied. "You can have some if you want."
"No thanks," Tao replied. "I'd much rather eat a cookie."

His next stop took him to the end of the bed, where Loki was playing.
"What are you doing?" Tao asked him.
"I'm planning Hoenn domination with Ink's pokemon," Loki replied.
"That's nice. Do you have any cookies?" Tao asked him, watching the level 65 Sceptile anihilate the level 45 Luvdisc.
"No. Go ask Pip or something," Loki told him, shooing him away.
Tao didn't understand how one could plan regional domination without cookies, but he went on his way without comment.

He was going to do what Loki told him and ask Pip if she had any cookies. But she was watching a music video with Dwalin and Samwise, and when he heard her muttering that she would "absorb their cuteness through osmosis and take over the world with magical girl powers" he decided against it. He needed new friends.

His next stop took him to the desk, where Pumpkin, Ayako, Katniss, and Yasu were reading.
"What are you doing?" Tao asked them.
"We're helping Ink study, want to help?" Pumpkin asked.
"No thanks, I'd really just like to eat a cookie. Have you seen any?"
Katniss turned to him, an unamused look on her face: "look me in the eyes and ask that again."
"Have you seen any?" Tao asked again.
"Tao," Katniss sighed. "Bless your grass-growing adorable little trainer loving heart... look at what's holding the book open."

"Oh." Was all Tao could really say.

But even though he'd made a mistake, Pumpkin, Ayako, Katniss, and Yasu had not laughed at him, and had instead moved their studying elsewhere. And there was a whole plate of peanut butter cookies, just for him!
"And now I can finally eat my cookie!" Tao said happily, before taking a big bite.
It was every bit as good as his trainer had said it would be.

The end!

I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! 

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