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Very informative recent gets~

Hey everybody!
Super excited over my recent gets over the last couple of days and i still have more on the way which aren't here yet so they aren't pictured yet. But, below are some things i've received in this last week! :)

Earlier last week I ventured to the Tacoma Mall in Washington State, and picked up a Gogoat pokedoll that i've been wanting for ages but never got a hold of since i hate the tax and shipping cost from pokemoncenter.com. Each plush in this machine is 12.99, and has 2 dollars tax. So it comes to about 14.50 i think for a plush. And before anyone asks, i can't do pick ups from this machine as i don't have reliable enough transportation and this machine is a couple cities away from me. But, it is cool! There are two of these machines, possibly three located in my state. One is located in Seattle at the Northgate Mall, and has a much smaller selection of plushies than the Tacoma Mall does. The Northgate Mall has only one row of plushies, and Tacoma Mall has two rows (Which means tacoma has the largest selection). Prices are the same in all locations. Each location potentially carries different plushies, too. The third location might be somewhere in Bellevue, but it's undetermined if that location still exists.

Here is one of my holy grail gets of the week, a Japenese Takara Tomy Talking Sylveon! The box it came in is absolutely adorable and i had to VERY carefully untape it so i could pull the Sylveon out and get her to talk. She requires AAA batteries which don't come with the plush, you have to buy seperately. She says several different phrases - i believe 6 different ones, though i'd need to count again. I am so excited to have her as a part of my Sylveon collection. My other grail is on it's way from someone here on Livejournal, the other grail is a DX Banpresto Sylveon.

Here is a Bootleg Eevee i won in a giveaway from a comic shop over on Facebook. I am not a huge fan of bootlegs, but i am very appreciative of having won this as a prize from a giveaway. I've never won a giveaway of any sort so this was extremely nice and meaningful in a sense. Next we've got my Pangoro MPC i received from a popular plush seller on ebay, MeowingMeowth. Pangoro has gone into my pancham collection and is absolutely perfect there! And of course I received my Pancham and Fennekin mint in box kid figures from someone over on facebook as well. :)

And last we have my pancham plush keychain (I believe it's an MPC but not certain, if anyone can determine what it is that'd be great. Its tush tag has a pokeball design.), a pancham trozee sticker and a charmander figure (Not sure if it's a kid figure or not) which came free with my order of my pancham plush and it was extremely nice of the seller to provide those. And then we've also got an Espurr Pokedoll with it's tag attached!

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